Dr. David Heber created the L.A. Shape Diet because he believes that all people have “two shapes.” The diet is based on this idea that individuals simply need to find their desired shape in order to lose weight. Once they have found their desired shape the rest is easy. All of the plans for the L.A. Shape Diet are individualizes and easy to follow.

The Premise: The Shape diet is based upon the idea that people have different body shapes, i.e. apple and pear. According to diet specifications your shape is utilized to help reduce fat in the “problem” areas. The L. A. Shape diet is not based on weight or BMI but instead is based on a completely different method of determining weightloss potential. Dr. Heber says dieters learn this method once they sign up for the diet.

The Diet: All L.A. Shape Diet plans are customized to the individual. In general dieters start by replacing two meals with the special “Empowering Shakes” created by Heber. Eating protein plays a large part in helping dieters lose weight on the Shape diet and these protein shakes are part of that central philosophy. The calorie controlled shakes are meant to be mixed with fresh fruits and are meant to help dieters feel full, tighter, and lose weight.

Once you’ve managed to lose weight you then stop taking the protein shakes. In their place you increase your daily intake of fruits and vegetable and lean protein. This diet is to maintain the weight loss you achieved by using the protein shakes in the beginning. The diet book that comes with the Shape diet has good information about meal plans and nutritional information. It also gives tips for building muscle and recommends dieters exercise or complete some form of physical activity at least three times per week.

Thoughts: It is possible to lose weight with the protein shakes over two weeks. However you may tire of protein shakes early on. In addition the shakes must be bought and can be expensive. Their additional protein may not be healthy if the dieter does not plan on exercising during the diet period. You also might have trouble adjusting to the “healthy eating” once the shakes are eliminated from your diet. The shakes help you control your food intake and limit your calories, but the weight might come back once you stop drinking the shakes. This diet seems more like a crutch than an effective long term weight loss solution. However, it is effective and if dieters can figure out how to maintain the initial loss they will have a winning situation.

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