Recent studies and investigations assert that the simple consumption of healthy teas can actually help burn stored body fat! Specifically, the reportedly most powerful teas to help lose weight and burn calories are Green Tea, Oolong (also known as Wu Long), and Kombucha Tea. By sipping these tasty teas throughout the day, experts insist that individuals will be able to more effectively achieve weight loss goals.

Green Tea

Green Tea has been consumed for thousands of years to provide individuals with an array of benefits. Studies report that Green Tea was originally consumed in Ancient China, as the popularity of this wonder drink has continued to grow to heights of universal appeal. Green Tea has gained so much popularity due the many benefits its contents provide. Specifically, Green Tea has been shown to provide wellness enhancements such as:


  • Provides powerful antioxidants
  • Increases energy levels with natural Caffeine compounds found in the tea
  • Helps slightly raise the body’s natural temperature, resulting in increased metabolism and greater ability to burn calories and fat
  • Some studies assert that Green Tea helps fight cancerous cells and free radicals in the body


In addition to the incredible health benefits that may be gained from Green Tea, recent studies even reveal that Green Tea helps to actively destroy fat cells in the body. With the many benefits and positives, individuals can incorporate Green Tea into their daily diet plan in order to boost their weight loss and health quickly and effectively!

Oolong / Wu Long Tea

Similar to Green Tea, studies show that Oolong Tea originates from Ancient China, as Oolong Tea also helps to potentially burn body fat while improving wellness. Generally, experts believe that Oolong Tea helps to burn body fat by naturally increasing energy levels. In fact, one recent study revealed that, out of 11 female participants, Oolong Tea helped to increase energy expenditure rates by 10 percent! Also, Oolong Tea also helps to detoxify the body; however, studies show that Green Tea provides more detoxification and antioxidant benefits than Oolong Tea.

Kombucha Tea

Kombucha Tea is a beverage that is gaining in popularity. Unlike herbal teas, Kombucha is uniquely created by fermenting a macroscopic solid mass of microorganisms. Although research debates the weight loss benefits / effectiveness of Kombucha, many dietary experts argue that the microorganisms involved in the fermentation of Kombucha help to rejuvenate, detoxify, and boost the body’s metabolism.

How to Find High Quality Teas

When seeking teas to boost weight loss and wellness, individuals should only purchase teas that have clear and defined manufacturing information. Ideally, teas should be organic and should not have any chemical additives. Additionally, many dietary experts assert that the strongest teas come in whole-leaf form. To consume teas in a whole-leaf state, the leaves can simply be placed into a tea strainer, at which point the tea strainer is steeped in hot water (just like a tea bag).

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