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3 Reasons To Eat Slower

How to Tone Up with Pilates

Can You Lose Weight with Hypnosis?

If you feel you've exhausted every weight loss method, fad diet, and exercise program with no results, then you may be able to gain benefits from hypnotherapy. As many individuals who are seeking to boost weight loss results use hypnosis to overcome negative eating habits, many experts assert that hypnotherapy can be a "miracle weight loss cure" for struggling dieters.

Gain Benefits with Belly Dancing: Part I

If you're seeking a new, fun, and creative form of exercise, belly dancing may be an ideal option! As belly dancing requires an array of physical movements and muscular demands, individuals engaging in belly dancing exercises are able to enjoy an array of weight loss and physical benefits. While belly dancing often carries the incorrect connotation of sexually removing one's clothes, the art of belly dancing is actually far less erotic.

Losing Weight and Getting Fit with Belly Dance: Part II

If you are ready to try belly dancing in order to gain specific physical benefits, you'll quickly learn that the art of belly dancing has the potential to tone your entire body! Although this form of exercise is labeled with the term "belly," participants engaging in belly dancing are using extensive groups of muscles throughout regions of the body.