When you first hear about the Lunch Box Diet you might instantly be transported back to your childhood. If you are dreaming of your old Batman lunchbox then you are headed in the right direction for the Lunch Box Diet.

The Lunch Box Diet is a small document, only 10 pages, that is downloadable from the internet. It comes from a UK personal trainer name Simon Lovell. Simon claims the diet is not a fad and is a very simple concept that will transform your eating a lead to smaller waistlines.

He is right about the simple part. The Lunch Box Diet follows a very simple concept that is fulfilled in a few simple steps.

1. Get a large plastic lunchbox. (If you are really cool you can dig out your old school lunchbox that is now vintage. Otherwise you can just go buy a new one for a couple bucks.)
2. Fill the lunch box with a highly nutritious mix of vegetables, proteins, and fats.
3. Slowly (key!) graze on the lunch box contents throughout the day.

Basically in between breakfast and dinner your should be grazing on food from the lunch box. You want to snack on some healthy food every hour or so, never gorging.

This grazing technique should stop you from reaching for high caloric foods during the day when you are tempted by cravings and boredom. You spend the day consuming the nutrient-dense veggies you packed in your lunchbox. The diet also helps make your stomach smaller so you won’t binge during dinner.

The food inside the lunch box should be something like 60% vegetables, 30% lean proteins, and 10% dressing for the salad. The Lunch Box Diet recommends vegetables like broccoli, spinach, avocado, Sugarsnap peas, and asparagus. It recommends proteins like tuna, grilled chicken or turkey breast. Dressings will be something like olive oil, chutney, seeds or nuts. Starchy carbs like potatoes and brown pasta are only recommended for those who engage in an active life.

There is a small ebook that gives a much longer list of acceptable foods to put in your lunchbox but it leave the precise amounts up to you.

Breakfast and dinner are supposed to be normal meals that surround the consumption of the lunch box contents.

The 10 page document that is the Lunch Box Diet will set you back £9.95 (USD21). This might be too steep a price for a simple idea that doesn’t offer much detail. You can always follow the basic guidelines and create your own lunch box diet.

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