If you are ready to try belly dancing in order to gain specific physical benefits, you’ll quickly learn that the art of belly dancing has the potential to tone your entire body! Although this form of exercise is labeled with the term “belly,” participants engaging in belly dancing are using extensive groups of muscles throughout regions of the body.

Fitness Benefits of Belly Dancing

According to studies and reports, individuals engaging in belly dancing activities are able to burn an estimated 300 calories per hour. With a steady burn of calories, a dieter will be able to boost her weight loss results with greater efficiency.

Adding to the calorie loss perks, belly dancing also engages muscles throughout the body. As the muscles gradually become more toned and strengthened, the body’s metabolism will quickly (and naturally) become stronger as well! With a strong metabolism, your body will naturally burn off more calories each day without any extra work or effort.

Getting Started

If you’re ready to begin burning fat and improving your physique, you can participate in belly dancing courses at available fitness studios, dance schools, and / or community centers. Belly dancing has become increasingly popular in recent years, therefore, most dieters should be able to find access to a class at a nearby populated area.

If classes are not accessible, however, dieters can still participate to gain benefits. For at home support, dieters can choose from an array of belly dancing DVDs and videos, which help guide participants with specific instructions and step by step guidelines.

When you’re ready to begin your belly dancing work, you’ll notice that the exercise does not force your body into any strenuous or painful motions. In fact, since belly dancing is a non-impact exercise, individuals who often experience pain from running, biking, or other related activities may encounter a far more comfortable physical response from the dancing.

Best of all, if you have struggled to boost your body’s muscle strength and tone due to injuries or painful responses, belly dancing will allow you to engage muscle tissues throughout your body with little to no pain and stress. With gentle muscle-boosting movements, such as holding one’s arms above one’s head for durations of time, dropping and swaying the hips, and so forth, muscles are safely engaged without a serious risk of injury!

Dancing for the Most Dramatic Results

If you’re hoping to boost your results from belly dancing, experts recommend that participants alter their belly dancing with alternative exercises. For example, a dieter can engage in belly dancing 2-4 times each week. On the non-dancing days, a dieter can work on exercises for strength training, aerobic activities, and / or flexibility. These alternate activities can include options such as:

  • Yoga
  • Biking
  • Running / jogging
  • Weight lifting
  • Swimming

Since belly dancing specifically serves to boost the strength of your smaller muscle groups throughout your hips, abdominals, back, and arms, alternating your belly dancing with other challenging activities should stimulate the most significant physical results.

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