Group fitness provides dieters with a variety of weight loss benefits, as classes are designed to cater to specific weight loss goals and needs. In addition, most dieters report feelings of increased motivation and success when working out with groups and/or group fitness classes.

Group Fitness Classes

While group fitness classes and offerings vary based on each facility and instructor, each class type generally follows similar and common principals and techniques.

Cardio Group Fitness
Cardio classes are comprehensive fitness venues for individuals to work on cardiovascular strength and endurance, while also improving overall muscle tone and strength. These classes may involve routine steps, which are taught by the instructor, while they may also incorporate the usage of various fitness tools, such as weights, mats, and steps.

Yoga Group Fitness
Yoga classes are designed to provide dieters with various benefits, including:

  • Increased lubrication of joints, tendons, and ligaments
  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased strength
  • Increased focus and motivation
  • Increased feelings of de-stress and relaxation
  • Detoxification of the body

Yoga involves the holding and maintaining of various poses for periods of set time, as explained and directed by an instructor. Yoga also helps individuals focus on deep breathing exercises, which helps oxygenate the body while increasing dieters’ ability to focus.

Semi-similar to Yoga, Pilates group fitness classes teach individuals how to utilize deep-breathing exercises while holding various poses. Pilates also often includes the implementation of added exercise tools, such as a ball, a Pilates bar, or other forms of equipment. Adding to this, many individuals often prefer the semi-faster paced “flow” of a Pilates class, as a Yoga class often much more quiet, reflective, and slower paced. Despite the differences in the group fitness pace, both Yoga and Pilates provide dieters with various cardiovascular, muscular, and mental benefits.

Zumba is one of the latest group fitness crazes, as it is a fun and interactive opportunity for dieters to lose weight while dancing to Latin-based rhythms and beats. Zumba is essentially a cardio-based dance class that helps individuals to effectively burn calories, while also boosting one’s endurance and muscle tone. During a typical Zumba class, the instructor will gradually and slowly teach the dieters the different elements of specific dance steps and routines. As the class progresses, even inexperienced dancers should be able to easily follow the movements that are taught by the instructor.

Water Aerobics
Group aqua-based classes provide dieters with the added resistance of water in order to help increase muscle tone and weight loss. Water aerobics classes usually include a series of resistance movements to exercise and stimulate various regions, such as the legs, arms, and core areas. In addition, individuals who struggle with specific pain issues, or who experience discomfort when working out, may greatly benefit from water aerobics classes, as the water does not force the body to absorb painful and potentially harmful impacts from working out on land or ground.

Now go out, join a group and get fit and healthy!

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