If you feel you’ve exhausted every weight loss method, fad diet, and exercise program with no results, then you may be able to gain benefits from hypnotherapy. As many individuals who are seeking to boost weight loss results use hypnosis to overcome negative eating habits, many experts assert that hypnotherapy can be a “miracle weight loss cure” for struggling dieters.

Hypnosis and Weight Loss

While the scientific studies regarding the power of hypnosis and weight loss are mixed, experts who support hypnosis therapy argue that such processes allow the mind to overcome its negative barriers.

As hypnosis allows the mind to enter into a different / altered state of consciousness, experts claim that the mind is able to focus in on suggestions with greater power. As such, when a hypnotherapist helps a patient alter his or her conscious state, the therapist can make repeated suggestions about healthier habits that will promote weight loss.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Before experimenting with hypnosis, dieters should be sure that their hypnotherapy of choice is reputable and highly qualified. With an esteemed hypnotherapist’s guidance, you will be put under hypnosis through common techniques, including verbal repetition and / or the use of mental images.

As you are hypnotized, a therapist will help your mind more keenly focus on his suggestions / commands. For example, if you have the unhealthy compulsion to eat in the middle of the night, a hypnotherapist may allow your mind to break this pattern as he / she states specific suggestions while you are in your hypnotic state.

Adding to hypnotherapy, many struggling dieters have gained benefits with the additional support of cognitive behavioral therapy. Some mental health experts argue that the combination of hypnotherapy and cognitive therapy can stimulate the best weight loss results for dieters struggling to control their weight.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, which can also be guided with a mental health expert, helps patients address dysfunctional behaviors and / or feelings. By addressing these issues, a therapist will help the patient to set and achieve specific goals using a cognitive, systematic strategy.

Additional Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Weight Loss Tools

While most experts suggest that dieters seek one-on-one professional guidance for hypnotherapy or mental health services, dieters who want to try a more personal and confidential approach can explore a variety of options. To gain benefits from hypnotherapy / mental therapy at home, dieters can utilize resources such as:

  • Hypnotherapy CDs
  • Hypnotherapy DVDs
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy books (audio and print)
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy workbooks (which often involve journaling, “homework tasks,” and other assignments)
  • Group therapy / group hypnotherapy

Ultimately, whether a dieter chooses between professional guidance or at home services, dieters should know that there is no affirmative scientific answer as to whether or not hypnotherapy is an absolute weight loss cure. While many therapists / products will “guarantee results,” dieters should be aware that individual responses and results will vary.

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