It is no surprise that processed foods are a major culprit surrounding our overweight country.

As a result of the consumption of processed foods, we have become a country addicted to refined sugars, processed starches and deep-fried foods. The packaged, processed foods we eat have changed the way our bodies function and, perhaps more importantly, what we crave.

To combat this trend, many people are turning to raw foods as a way to get back to basics and eat naturally. In addition to being great for our overall health, the consumption of raw foods may help us lose those extra pounds, as raw foods naturally have fewer calories and fat than processed versions. Instead of turning to processed foods – even processed and packaged diet foods – people are now turning to all natural foods.

Benefits of Raw Foods

Although turning to an all-raw diet may not be realistic for all people, including more raw foods in your diet on a daily basis may help you feel better, have more energy, encourage better digestive health and, of course, lose weight in the process!

In addition to weight loss, some of the other obvious benefits of eating raw foods include: softer skin, younger looking appearance, clearer complexion, stronger hair and nails, and even decreased incidences of illness and disease.

Understanding the Theory

The theory behind eating raw is quite simple: raw foods eliminate toxins in our bodies, including fats that have built up over the years. Raw foods provide a detoxing quality, which therefore helps us feel better, look better and lose weight.

Easy, Slow Changes

The goal of eating raw is to slowly introduce raw foods into your diet. Most dieticians agree that you can see major changes in your body and overall health by simply replacing some of your food choices with raw ones. Whether you begin by replacing raw foods with cooked ones for your breakfast, lunch, dinner or early morning snack, the important part is to make a change.

Some of the changes you will want to make in your life when it comes to eating raw include:

  • Make leafy greens a large part of your diet. Whether it’s eating a big salad with leafy greens for lunch or adding a vegetable juice smoothie (with loads of greens) into your morning routine, leafy greens should make their way onto your plate at least once a day. In addition to being nutrient dense, leafy greens are also a fantastic source of fiber, which aids in the body’s natural digestion process.
  • Regardless of whether or not you’re eating raw, avoid eating late at night. Anything eaten a few hours before you go to bed will not be digested as well as food eaten earlier in the day.
  • Try new foods. Eating raw will quickly get tiring if you eat the same foods day in and day out. Therefore, the best thing to do is experiment with new fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes. Head to your local farmer’s market, make smoothies and enjoy what nature has given us!

Eating raw foods means enjoying what Mother Nature gives us naturally, which is significantly lower in fats, calories, and sodium than the processed version. Now that’s good news for your weight and health!

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