If you are trying to lose weight or otherwise improve your body you might want to follow these tips. They might not all work for you but try one or two to improve and keep up your exercise habits.

Forget about weight loss. Let’s be honest. Most of us would like to lose at least some weight. However, motivation is poor exercise motivation if it is your sole motivation. When you first start working out you might not lose weight right away. If you keep up the hard work it will come off over time, especially with new eating habits or supplements, but in the beginning exercise may not offer immediate rewards. Just get into the habit of exercise before you worry about other things like amount of weight loss.

Forget the gym. Gyms can be great, but they also can be intimidating, confusing, and expensive for beginners. You can always get a trainer to teach you, but if you are put off by a gym then skip it and exercise at home or at the park. You can easily do body weight resistant exercises at home, work out along with a DVD, or go walking in your neighborhood. Exercise can be cheap and simple.

Make it fun! One problem many seem to fall into is that of exercise boredom. Exercise doesn’t have to bore you to tears. It doesn’t have to be a chore. Find something that feels fun to you and make that your exercise. If swimming relaxes your or playing basketball doesn’t feel like work then do that. Enjoy yourself and you will find you look forward to workouts.

Keep a journal. If you don’t post your results on your blog, write it in a journal, either online or on paper. Make it a habit to post in your workout log right away as soon as you are done with your workout. It is a good way to see what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. You can analyze your workouts and figure out what is most effective for weight loss. Also, it is very motivating to see your progress over time and see as the hours add up over the months.

Reward yourself. Rewards are a great motivation to keep exercising. In the beginning frequent rewards will help you pick up the exercise habit and then later they can be spaced further apart and only given for completing exercise challenges. Be self-indulgent and choose to give yourself something you really want. If in the beginning you want sweets, then use that as a reward. You can worry about phasing them out of your diet later when you have fewer rewards and focus more on weight loss.

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