Find your exercise. Not all exercise was created equally. You might like running while your best friend hates it. You might be able to swim but not enjoy biking. If you like jogging then jog. If you like taking aerobics classes then take aerobics classes. Find whatever exercise that works best for you – something that doesn’t feel like a chore when you do it – and then do it regularly throughout the week. Don’t pick an exercise or routine you hate because you won’t stick with it for long. Also, don’t overdo it trying to live up to the “no pain, no gain” motto. If you hurt yourself you will lose your ability to exercise for a while as well as your desire to return to the activity that injured you. It is perfectly fine to lose weight without pain.

Zone out when you workout.
People exercise along to their favorite music because the external stimulus takes the mind off the physical activity. If you are concentrating on what your body is doing and what it has left to do then your workout will drag by. You will be stuck counting down the minutes and not giving your workout your all. However, using music is a “secret” most people use to make the time fly by. Buy a portable music player to take with you to workouts or make sure you are situation near a radio or tv so you have something to focus on besides the time on the machine.

Use video games for workouts.
Video games have now helped thousands of people lose weight. There are multiple ways to incorporate video games into your workout. You can use a video game to distract you from the time of the workout, much like people use music. Just position yourself so you can complete the exercise safely while also focusing on the video game. You will find that the adrenaline the game inspires will pump up your workout without your knowledge. You can also use video games with the Nintendo Wii to use your body in conjunction with the video game. With games like tennis, bowling, boxing, and more, you will be up and using your body to move while being completely engaged in the game. You can also use the Wii Fit game which is made to help people get in shape exercising with the Wii.

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