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Skinny Bitch is a weight loss book designed to teach dieters how to live a thin and healthy lifestyle. Written with a casual and humorous tone, the Skinny Bitch diet has been embraced by a number of celebrities, most notably by super-star soccer player David Beckham’s wife, Victoria Beckham.

How Does the Skinny Bitch Diet Work?

While the Skinny Bitch diet book begins by discussing the importance of all-natural eating, the text quickly turns into a rather intense and restrictive diet plan. Initially, Skinny Bitch emphases eating a variety of natural food products, such as:

  • Fresh fruits
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Limited intake of processed foods
  • Decreased intake of saturated fats
  • Consume organic natural products

As readers review this rather basic information on healthy eating, the Skinny Bitch text later reveals itself as a vegan-based diet. The authors of the diet book argue against the consumption of meat and animal based products, and even provide readers with rather graphic information about how the United States Department of Agriculture processes meat, explaining how certain animals are butchered, and so forth. Additionally, the diet book also describes the many harmful chemicals that are added to commonly consumed meats, including hormones, growth chemicals, additives, and more.

Ultimately, the Skinny Bitch diet promotes the consumption of only organic plant-based foods, as the vegan diet does not promote the consumption of meat, fish, or dairy. To provide dieters with guidance, the authors include a list of “approved” and “unapproved” processed foods and meal options.

Benefits of Skinny Bitch

  • The diet book has been featured on a variety of news and entertainment shows
  • Celebrities have been seen carrying / reading the Skinny Bitch diet book, including Victoria Beckham
  • The book advocates for eating healthy, fresh, and all natural organic foods
  • The authors of the book write in a humorous and light-hearted tone, which is appealing and entertaining to many readers
  • The diet book is designed to be both educational and entertaining
  • The diet book informs readers about key details of a vegan-based lifestyle
  • Skinny Bitch highlights many potential harms of animal slaughtering processes
  • Consumers can purchase the Skinny Bitch diet book online or in bookstores

Cons of Skinny Bitch

  • The program may be challenging for many dieters, as it prohibits the consumption of meat, fish, dairy products, and eggs
  • The book provides incredibly descriptive accounts of animal slaughtering processes, which may be difficult for some individuals to read
  • The book is not advertised as a “vegan-based” diet book; therefore, some consumers report they felt mislead by the diet’s title and focus
  • The diet program has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration
  • Individuals adhering to a vegan-based lifestyle must be sure to supplement their diet with added vitamins and proteins, as the vegan diet prohibits the consumption of foods that often provide the body with essential elements, compounds, vitamins, and so forth.
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