Fat blockers are a popular weight loss tool that commonly works by inhibiting the body’s natural digestive process. Fat blocking formulas are most effective when used in conjunction with a diet and exercise program, and are not wholly effective if consumers choose a constantly high-fat diet. Most fat blockers dispose of dietary fats from the body through the waste process, while avoiding fats to be wholly digested and stored in the body.

Cheater’s Relief

Cheater’s Relief is a fat blocking supplement intended to limit the potential fat gain when indulging in foods that are high in calories. This supplement works by inhibiting the body’s enzymes that are responsible for fat and carbohydrate digestion. With this process, calorie rich foods are not fully digested, absorbed, and stored. Cheater’s relief also claims to control blood sugar levels, while pushing “good” nutrients into the muscle cells while limiting food cravings.

Cheater’s Relief contains various elements, some of which are:

  • Chitosan – A natural substance that binds fat
  • Cassia Nomame – A plant extract that inhibits digestive enzymes
  • NeOpuntia – A natural fiber complex that binds fatty acids
  • Phaseo-Lean – A enzyme inhibitor


Thermoloid targets fat loss by attacking stubborn body fat while also providing energy, preserving lean body mass, and boosting metabolism. Thermoloid works by initiating the body’s thermogenesis process, which fuels the burning of calories and fat, while also increasing the body’s metabolic speed.

Thermoloid is a blend of over 16 ingredients aimed at blocking and burning fat. Some of the ingredients are:

  • Thermodoid’s patented fat/carb blocking blend
  • Green Tea Extract – Shown to boost metabolism and burn fat
  • Yerba Mate Extract – Enhances weight loss and metabolism


Chitosan is an oral supplement that binds to the lining of the intestine, where it then binds fats and lipids before they are absorbed and stored in the body. With this binding process, the fat does not enter the bloodstream; dietary fats are cleared from the body naturally with fecal material. Chitosan is available as a solitary substance, or is a component of products such as the popular Fat Bloc pill.


Orlistat is available by both prescription and nonprescription doses. The prescription Orlistat is used to help obese individuals with high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, or heart disease to lose weight. The over-the-counter Orlistat is used not only to block fat, but to also help people from gaining back weight after recent weight-loss success. Orlistat works by blocking the absorption of fat in dietary foods, while naturally moving unabsorbed fats in stools from the body.


Xenical is another prescription fat blocking formula that received FDA approval in 1999. Xenical contains a lipase inhibiting formula that breaks down fat, while also absorbing approximately 30 percent of consumed dietary fat. The undigested fats are not absorbed in the body, and are passed through the system naturally without being stored.

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