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LipoFuze is a weight loss supplement that offers a blend of six patented and four clinically proven ingredients, according to the product website. The supplement is recommended with a healthy diet and exercise for best results, although some users have apparently seen positive results without any lifestyle changes. The manufacturer claims that users can lose up to 10 pounds in a single week with this supplement.

LipoFuze contains many ingredients that are common in weight loss supplements. These ingredients are designed to suppress the appetite and rev up the metabolism, so you burn fat and calories more efficiently. The thermogenic compound states it is backed by science, and there are some studies that support the effectiveness of certain ingredients in the LipoFuze formula.

How does it Work?

The LipoFuze formula includes a number of weight loss ingredients, including:

  • Thermodiamine – Also known as evodiamine, this substance claims to effectively burn fat by raising heat production in the body
  • Razberi-K – Raspberry ketones have shown some promise in initial clinical trials to alter lipid metabolism so fat is burned more efficiently
  • FucoPure – This seaweed extract, also known as fucoxanthin, is being seen in more weight loss supplements today because of its stated ability to boost the metabolism
  • Forslean – This patented version of coleus foskohlii extract has been shown in initial studies to facilitate fat loss
  • GuggulEZ100 – Guggulsterones may also have value as a fat burner, as exemplified in some clinical studies
  • Bioperine – Black pepper extract may increase absorption of the other ingredients by the body
  • Capsaicin – This substance is what makes chili peppers hot, and may effectively heat up the metabolism so calories are burned more efficiently
  • Green tea – A proven thermogenic that raises the metabolic rate while pumping the body with nutrient-rich antioxidants
  • Synephrine HCL – A stimulant that often takes the place of ephedra in weight loss supplements, since ephedra has been taken off the market
  • 7-OXO DHEA – This substance, also known as 7-Keto, has been found to have a positive effect on thyroid function without detrimental side effects

Pros of LipoFuze

  • Many of the ingredients in the formula have shown promise in clinical studies
  • The product website includes a complete ingredient list
  • The website also offers ample customer testimonials and a money back guarantee
  • The program is easy to follow, by simply taking the recommended dosage of the supplement daily

Cons of LipoFuze

  • Weight loss supplements alone are usually not sufficient to meet goals
  • Some of the ingredients may not be safe for everyone – talk to your doctor before taking
  • At nearly $100 for a one-month supply, the supplement is very expensive
  • The website does not list the amount of each ingredient to determine whether there are sufficient amounts to be effective

Tips for Success

  • Talk to your doctor before taking any weight loss supplement to ensure it is safe for you
  • Combine the supplement with a low-calorie diet for best results
  • A daily exercise program also enhances the results of any weight loss program
  • If you purchase the product in bulk, you can receive a discounted price
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