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According to creators of the Shrink Yourself weight loss program, losing weight is a greater challenge than just engaging in exercise and limiting one’s food intake. The Shrink Yourself program also asserts that losing weight connects with an emotional component as well. Oftentimes obesity and weight issues are tied to habits of emotional eating; therefore, the Shrink Yourself diet strives to guide dieters towards greater weight loss success by considering all influential facets of a healthy diet and weight loss success.

How Does the Shrink Yourself Diet Work?

Created by a psychiatrist and Associate Clinical Professor at UCLA, Dr. Roger Gould designed the Shrink Yourself program to focus on the physical and emotional influences of weight gain and obesity. According to Gould, the Shrink Yourself diet teaches individuals how to overcome personal barriers in order to achieve fitness goals and results. Currently, Gould has been reported to have helped approximately 20,000 struggling dieters achieve weight loss results by helping them overcome their emotionally-charged eating habits.

To guide dieters, Gould forces individuals to confront the reasons that motivate their eating, as he probes at why individuals choose to overeat, instead of examining what overweight individuals eat. Gould asserts that emotional factors are the greatest cause of obesity, weight gain, and diet failure; therefore, to achieve results, one must unlock the mysteries behind their emotional charges that drive habits of overeating and poor choices.

Shrink Yourself and Online Resources

To guide dieters towards achieving weight loss goals, Gould has established 12 steps to his online program. Once dieters join the program via the Shrink Yourself website, dieters will engage in the 12 Guided Shrink Yourself Sessions, which include the following titles and topics:

  • Laying the Foundation
  • Your Emotional Eating Profile
  • Good Options for Bad Feelings
  • The Truth About Your Feelings
  • Your Life, Your Friends, Your Family
  • A Relationship Fixer-Upper
  • Treating Yourself Well
  • Growth Without the Weight Gain
  • Dropping Food as a Protection
  • Accepting the New You

As dieters engage in the 12 sessions, individuals can also take advantage of supplemental online resources available with the Shrink Yourself program. These tools include:

  • Blogs for communication and support
  • Habit diaries for reflection
  • Chat rooms to interact with fellow dieters
  • Access to one of Dr. Gould’s weight loss books
  • Forums for information, tips, and support

Cons of the Shrink Yourself Program

  • While emotional eating may drive obesity and weight gain, the Shrink Yourself program does not provide specific nutrition and/or exercise guidelines / instructions
  • The Shrink Yourself program is fairly expensive, as the 12 steps are designed to be completed in 12 weeks, at the total cost of $120
  • Some dieters may prefer a more structured weight loss program that focuses on the physical elements of weight gain, including nutrition information and exercise instructions
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