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Sensei is an innovative diet and weight loss program designed to help support the busiest of individuals! Designed to guide dieters towards enhanced weight loss success via the use of one’s cell phone, Sensei sends diet information directly to one’s phone, so that dieters have constant up-to-date access to their dietary reminders, restrictions, and information for support.

How Does Sensei Work?

Catering the needs and demands of a busy lifestyle, Sensei sends information to support weight loss goals directly to one’s cell phone. By enrolling in the program, dieters receive information such as:

  • Grocery lists
  • Customized meal plans
  • Exercise information and guidance

Dieters receive these Sensei updates using an innovative technology that focuses on “Social Cognitive Theory.” This theory and technological focus connects dieters to discrete and thorough tips and reminders to keep dieters focused and on track. Also, if dieters are uncomfortable receiving their Sensei information via their cell phone, dieters can also alternatively access the Sensei program online instead.

Whether the resources are encountered online or from one’s phone, dieters will have full and consistent access to a plethora of weight loss and dietary support tools, which serve to guide dieters towards enhanced physical results and success.

Sensei and Food and Exercise Options

When engaging in the Sensei program dieters can choose from three different meal plan options:

  • Carb-lover Meal Plan
    • Fruits
    • Vegetables
    • Whole grains
    • Lean protein
    • Reduced intake of fat and sugar
  • Healthy Carb Program
    • Adhere to a lower carb eating restriction
    • Increased consumption of lean proteins such as fish and poultry
    • Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are included in moderation
  • Sensei Mediterranean Plan
    • Fish is a main ingredient and protein source
    • Increased consumption of fruits and vegetables
    • Balanced consumption of olive oil, whole grains, and legumes

Also, in addition to the food options, dieters can choose from a variety of exercise options as well. Typical Sensei exercises require dieters to work out minimally three days each week, for at least twenty minutes. As each dieter’s fitness abilities improve, they are encouraged to increase their exercise habits to experience greater weight loss benefits.

Pros of Sensei

  • Sensei caters to a diverse array of dieters, as this program allows dieters to cater their food preferences, filter out un-liked foods, and customize other details
  • Sensei is conveniently accessible via a cell phone, PDA, or computer
  • Dieters have access to a variety of meal plans, recipes, and nutrition guides
  • Sensei creates a customized exercise program for each dieter
  • Dieters can connect with fellow Sensei members online, as the Sensei program also offers access to discussion and community boards
  • Dieters can take advantage of a free 3-day trial
  • A membership to the Sensei program costs approximately $6 each week, which is a fairly competitive and reasonable rate when compared with other online diet programs

Cons of Sensei

  • Although the Sensei program is convenient, only Sprint and AT&T customers have access to this resource
  • Sensei may not work on all phone models, as the software for this dietary support tool may only work on more recent and up-to-date phones
  • Some Sensei dieters report that the program does not offer a diverse array of exercise options
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