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As a popular fitness and weight loss magazine geared towards female readers, Self Magazine, has created a health program called the SELF Diet Club. The SELF Diet Club focuses on core principals to guide readers and participants towards enhanced weight loss support and success.

How Does the SELF Diet Club Work?

The SELF Diet Club program provides dieters with a variety of online resources to help individuals learn tips, techniques, and added weight loss information. Adding to these elements, dieters can also utilize weight loss tracking tools and communication tools in the online forum as well. Ultimately, while participating in the SELF Diet Club online program, dieters will have access to support systems items as:

  • Meal planners
  • Expert advice
  • Daily nutrition consumption logs
  • Exercise logs
  • Workout buddy search options
  • Motivational tools / articles
  • Calorie counting calculators / records

Essentially, as dieters engage in the SELF Diet Club program, individuals will learn healthier habits from the online resources, while dieters will simultaneously engage in new fitness programs to boost physique and weight loss results. Also, to monitor healthy eating habits, dieters will calculate calories from each snack and meal, and will log these calories into the SELF Diet Club nutrition log. With just a few minutes of updates each day, dieters can monitor their progress and encounter an online community and network of weight loss support.

SELF Diet Club and Food

Experts will evaluate each dieter’s desired calorie consumption goals for each day, and will in turn make recommendations of specific meal options to help dieters achieve their goals. These meal options include recipe guides and instructions, and do not restrict any food groups.

SELF Diet Club and Exercise

The SELF Diet Club program suggests that all individuals participate in moderate exercise routines in order to boost fitness results and maintain general health and wellbeing. To achieve this, dieters should exercise for approximately 30 minutes three times each week, and should additionally engage in 20 minutes of strength training just two times each week. Dieters can monitor their progress by using the online exercise tracking tools at the SELF Diet Club website.

Benefits of the SELF Diet Club

  • The SELF Diet Club resource automatically calculates calories and maintains records
  • The program encourages healthy eating and exercise habits
  • Dieters can take advantage of a variety of meal planning options
  • Dieters do not have to eliminate specific food groups / restrict specific foods
  • Dieters have access to a variety of tools and resources online
  • Research shows that dieters who feel supported by a friend or companion encounter greater workout results. Simulating this benefit, dieters engaging in the SELF Diet Club program can find a “buddy” online for discussions, motivation, and personal connections.

Cons of the SELF Diet Club

  • Dieters essentially must choose their own weight loss program, as the SELF Diet Club resources only serve to provide dieters with general health and diet information, tracking tools, and communication resources.
  • Some dieters may prefer weight loss programs with more regimented guidelines
  • To gain access to the resource, dieters must purchase a subscription to Self Magazine
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