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The Schwarzbein Principle is a weight loss program that provides dieters with a variety of resources and seminars for support. Created by Dr. Schwarzbein, a graduate of the University of South Carolina’s School of Medicine, The Schwarzbein Principle strives to help individuals who struggle weight obesity and excess weight to experience effective physical improvements.

How Does the Schwarzbein Principle Work?

The Schwarzbein Principle focuses on five core principals to help support dieters:

  • Healthy eating and nutrition
  • Stress management strategies
  • Elimination of toxins from the body
  • Cross-training exercise activities
  • Hormone replacement therapy (Exclusively recommended for women who are experiencing peri, or post, menopausal symptoms)

While focusing on these core principals, The Schwarzbein Principle teaches dieters how to implement specific nutrition and dietary guidelines. The food restrictions of The Schwarzbein Principle are similar to the guidelines that diabetics may follow, as the program is low in sugar and processed foods, while it simultaneously advocates for a regimen of small meals with natural food products. The food and nutrition guidelines of The Schwarzbein Principle include:

  • Consume a protein with each meal
  • Do not skip meals
  • Do not eat processed foods, and consume only real / whole / natural foods
  • Stay hydrated and drink water throughout the day
  • Eat non-starch-based vegetables and real, unprocessed, carbohydrates

The Schwarzbein Principle and Exercise

The Schwarzbein Principle teaches dieters how to engage in exercise in order to boost weight loss results. Specifically, Dr. Schwarzbein has created exercise DVD and VHS materials that explain, outline, and demonstrate specific exercises. While engaging in The Schwarzbein Principle exercises, dieters will perform activities such as:

  • Resistance exercises
  • Cardiovascular exercises
  • Relaxation techniques / exercises

To focus on these core physical and mental areas, dieters will use tools such as:

  • Fitness DVDs/VHS materials
  • Balance ball
  • Resistance band
  • Heart rate monitor

Benefits of the Schwarzbein Principle

  • The Schwarzbein Principle is supported by Dr. Schwarzbein’s research and expertise, and is also supported by other medical professionals
  • The diet incorporates healthy eating and exercise habits
  • The program adheres to healthy living concepts, principals, and strategies
  • The Schwarzbein Principle serves to specifically support peri- or post- menopausal women
  • Dieters can utilize The Schwarzbein Principle menus and recipes to create healthy meals
  • All recipes include full nutritional information

Cons of the Schwarzbein Principle

  • This program is considered to be fairly rigid and strict, which may be difficult for some dieters to adhere to
  • It may be difficult to dine out at restaurants while engaging in The Schwarzbein Principle rules and guidelines

How Much Does the Schwarzbein Principle Cost?

Consumers can take advantage of a variety of resources with varying costs, such as:

  • The Schwarzbein Principle Diet Book – Approximately $12.95
  • The Schwarzbein Principle Exercise kit and cookbook – Approximately $500
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