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The Saint-Tropez Diet is a weight loss program based on scientific studies that support the powers of omega-3 fatty acids in the body. According to expert reports, omega-3 fatty acids, when paired with a healthy diet, ignite fat-burning processes in the body, allowing dieters to lose weight more effectively and efficiently.

How Does The Saint-Tropez Diet Work?

The Saint-Tropez Diet is based on a culinary lifestyle that was developed in the south of France. Incorporating flavors from both Mediterranean and French inspiration, The Saint-Tropez Diet teaches dieters how to incorporate healthy, delicious, and balanced foods into their weight loss program. While teaching dieters about nutrition and weight loss, The Saint-Tropez Diet guides individuals through four specific phases. Each phase lasts several weeks, while dieters consume different calorie amounts and food items at each phase of the program.

The Saint-Tropez and Food

To experience weight loss results, The Saint-Tropez Diet encourages dieters to focus on incorporating foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids, paired with foods that are rich in vitamin A, have been shown to boost weight loss results in investigations and studies. Dieters can find out more by exploring the menu items and recipes on The Saint-Tropez Diet website, or in the diet book. Furthermore, dieters are guided with weight loss and nutrition tips such as:

  • Limit the intake of red meat
  • Limit the consumption of dairy
  • Consume omega-3 rich foods, such as salmon, certain nuts, and olive oil
  • Consume vitamin-A rich foods, such as carrots, red peppers, and spinach
  • Decrease the intake of omega-6 foods / processed foods
  • Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables

The Saint-Tropez Diet and Exercise

While following this program, dieters can abstain from exercise until they reach the third and fourth phases of the schedule. When engaging in activities, dieters can implement a daily walking program, as this is the most recommended form of exercise. Since walking is a lifestyle activity that aligns with many individuals living in Saint-Tropez, the creators of the diet advocate for this exercise, as it is both realistic for all fitness levels, and is also effective for boosting weight loss results. As dieters experience enhanced fitness, however, they can choose to engage in alternatives, such as aerobics and strength training. These activities should be implemented into one’s schedule approximately five to six days each week.

Benefits of the Saint-Tropez Diet

  • Dieters are encouraged to eat a balanced menu of healthy foods
  • The program provides individuals with menus and recipe guides
  • Dieters may experience an increase in energy levels
  • Dieters should lose weight without having to sacrifice some favorite foods
  • Dieters do not need to count calories while following the program
  • The program encourages fresh and organic foods

Cons of the Saint-Tropez Diet

  • Dieters must abstain from eating bread and pasta
  • Dieters will consume approximately 1,500 calories each day, which may be too limiting for some individuals
  • Some dieters report that the program is too strict and difficult to follow
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