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As a well known and respected fitness guide, Richard Simmons has provided dieters with an array of resources, videos, and programs to stimulate weight loss. For over 30 years, Simmons has dedicated his life to teaching dieters how to balance healthy food choices with appropriate amounts of exercise.

How Does the Richard Simmons Diet Work?

Simmons strives to encourage dieters by providing motivation, humor, and engaging messages for support. To experience these benefits and to utilize additional tools, dieters can visit the Richard Simmons Diet website, where the web-based program can support dieters with access to programs such as:

  • Richard Simmons’ Sweatin’ exercise videos
  • Exercise advice
  • Online chats with Richard
  • Message board and community center
  • Food and meal recipes
  • Shopping lists
  • Progress charts
  • Online journals

Benefits of the Richard Simmons Diet

  • Simmons has over 30 years of experience
  • Over 3 million people have lost weight with the assistance of Richard Simmons’ programs
  • The site provides a variety of recipes and meal guides
  • Dieters can take advantage of videos, books, and informational support tools
  • The program meets the USDA and American Dietetic Association guidelines and recommendations
  • The program can meet the weight loss needs of both men and women
  • The program does not restrict food groups, and focuses on the practices of healthy and balanced eating
  • Dieters can enjoy a variety of exercise options that are intended to be fun and engaging

The Richard Simmons Diet Food Options

The Richard Simmons Diet promotes a program of moderation and healthy choices. Dieters can take advantage of the hundreds of recipes for their three main meal options, which include menu items such as:

  • Beans and rice
  • Banana pancakes
  • Chicken Gordon Blue
  • Brownie dessert pizza
  • Papaya and vegetable salsa

Richard Simmons Diet and Exercise

To engage in the Richard Simmons Diet, individuals should strive to participate in activities each day. Simmons advocates for a core exercise program that should be both fun and engaging. With his energizing and motivational videos, dieters can work out to their favorite music styles and songs, while also boosting their weight loss results.

How Much Does the Richard Simmons Diet Cost?

Dieters can enroll in the Richard Simmons Diet for $30. This cost covers a 12 week membership access to all of the tools and resources of the online program.

Cons of the Richard Simmons Diet

While the Richard Simmons Diet is easy to follow and fun, some dieters may prefer a more intense and regimented program. Adding to this, while the Richard Simmons videos incorporate a great deal of cardio vascular exercises to boost weight loss results, some dieters may prefer exercise that incorporate more strength-based activities, as increased muscle in the body can also boost weight loss and metabolism.

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