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Push TV is a weight loss breakthrough that utilizes digital tools for support. Striving to help all dieters experience improved health and fitness, Push TV provides dieters with customized personal training programs that can be performed conveniently in one’s home.

How Does Push TV Work?

Since many popular workout DVDs are often impersonal, as they fail to meet each dieters’ individual needs, Push TV has taken a new and innovative approach. Instead of focusing on a larger-based singular exercise program, Push TV customizes new fitness regimens that help dieters progressively work towards greater fitness results and abilities. Adding to this, each Push TV program focuses on strength, cardio, and flexibility exercises with the guidance of a personal trainer.

To engage in this program, Push TV guides dieters with specific steps:

  • First, dieters help experts identify specific needs and goals
  • Second, Push TV experts create a customized monthly routine that incorporates each dieter’s access to equipment, while also focusing on each dieter’s goals and current abilities
  • Third, workouts are also customized to engage specific body areas that each dieter wants to focus on, such as abs, arms, or other areas
  • Fourth, dieters will select from various cardiovascular programs, as individuals can specifically choose their own desired workout intensity, music preference, trainer, and types of activities
  • Fifth, dieters will gradually engage in the program to improve their fitness and weight loss results, as new programs are available each month

Push TV Exercise Programs

A new customized Push TV program DVD is sent out each month, as each DVD includes elements such as:

  • 130 minutes of customized exercise collections
  • Two 40 minute progressive personal training sessions
  • One 30 minute cardio lesson
  • One 10 minute body-area focus lesson
  • One 10 minute bonus footage session

Dieters should practice training sessions at least three times each week for the first two weeks of their diet, as training should be implemented on alternate days throughout each week. Dieters should strive to participate in at least 100 minutes of cardio activities each week, as the Push TV workouts can be selectively chosen to meet each dieter’s needs and interests.

Push TV and Exercise Equipment

While exercises are catered to meet each dieter’s needs and equipment availability, dieters should strive to have basic equipment tools such as:

  • Dumbbells
  • Resistance ball
  • Steps / stair tools

Push TV and Food Options

In addition to exercise support, Push TV also provides dieters with dietary support, including tips and resources such as:

  • Website tools for nutritional information, articles, and support
  • Shopping guides
  • Meal planners
  • Food journals
  • Nutrition tips

How Much Does Push TV Cost?

To receive new and customized programs each month, Push TV charges:

  • $25 plus a onetime $4.95 shipping fee for the first month’s payment
  • A flat rate of $25 each month after the first month
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