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Pure Weight Loss is a program that initially provided dieters with hundreds of national locations for weight loss and dietary support. The Pure Weight Loss Program is associated with a larger weight loss company, LA Weight Loss, which focuses on key principals for physical wellbeing and weight management.

How Does Pure Weight Loss Work?

Based on key principals of healthy eating and exercise, Pure Weight Loss teaches dieters how to improve their weight loss results by following specific guidelines such as:

  • Eating balanced foods that are widely available in local stores
  • How to consume satisfying foods and meal options that stave off feelings of hunger and food cravings
  • How to customize nutrition and exercise programs to achieve goals
  • Focus on the food pyramid to consume a specific amount of each food group:
    • 45% carbohydrates
    • 35-40% protein
    • 20% fat

As dieters learned of the core Pure Weight Loss principals, individuals are also provided with personal counseling sessions in order to make diet choices personalized and fit for each unique lifestyle. Based on information from a dieter’s health, schedule, and dietary background, Pure Weight Loss strives to incorporate healthy changes with individualized support.

Pure Weight Loss Program Changes

While Pure Weight Loss was one of the leading dietary programs for many years, the creators of the program assert that new diet options have forced them to terminate their company. According to reports, Pure Weight Loss has closed all of their 400 national locations permanently, and subsequently went out of business on January 4th, 2008. According to additional reports, the Pure Weight Loss program will go out of business due to a variety of factors, including:

  • New competitors in the dietary market
  • The rising popularity of over the counter weight loss drugs
  • Declining economy and struggling financial market

Despite its impending demise, dieters can still take advantage of the Pure Weight Loss program principals, as their larger company, LA Weight Loss, provides similar guidelines and tools for support. Pure Weight Loss had split with the LA Weight Loss company several years ago; however, LA Weight Loss has a significant history in the diet community, as the company has been providing supportive programs for dieters since 1989. Currently, there are hundreds of LA Weight Loss centers across the country, as the company reportedly provided dieters with over 850 locations at their peak of popularity.

Pros of Pure Weight Loss

  • The program provided personal counseling
  • Customized dietary plans were outlined and specified
  • The program focused on lifestyle changes for long term success
  • Dieters were provided with specific meal plans for guided steps towards weight loss and health benefits

Cons of Pure Weight Loss

  • The company has gone out of business
  • Some dieters complained of high prices and expensive program costs
  • There was little to no exercise instruction / support
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