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As diet creator Nathan Pritikin experienced serious weight and health issues, he decided to make significant lifestyle changes after turning 50. Upon learning he had heart disease, Pritikin altered his lifestyle to incorporate healthier choices and habits to stimulate significant benefits and improved feelings of wellbeing. After his own personal dietary success, Nathan Pritikin created the Pritikin Diet to help guide other struggling individuals, as he also created the Pritikin Longevity Center to provide individuals with a variety of resources and tools for support.

How Does the Pritikin Diet Work?

The Pritikin Diet incorporates Nathan Pritikin’s own strategies that lead to his success. After implementing these lifestyle changes, Nathan Pritikin received clean medical reports and significant health improvements. The key lifestyle changes include an incorporation of:

  • Low fat foods
  • High fiber foods
  • Healthy diet regimens and meal options
  • Exercise

The Pritikin Diet and Food Options

To boost health and weight loss results, the Pritikin Diet focuses on a vegetarian-based diet regimen that includes foods containing:

  • Low / no fat
  • High fiber
  • Low / no cholesterol
  • Low / no sugar
  • Low / no intake of meat

With this vegetarian-based approach, the Pritikin Diet is often considered to be a bit extreme, as advocates for a food-plan that restricts a large portion of the food pyramid. Yet nonetheless, to incorporate these healthier options, the Pritikin Diet implements meals that are mostly whole grains and vegetables, as dieters will consume approximately 6 meals each day of small and limited sizes. The foods are unprocessed and all-natural so as to enhance the health-related results of this dietary lifestyle change.

According to Nathan Pritikin, the food program of his diet will stimulate a variety of health benefits such as:

  • Enhanced weight loss
  • Decreased risk of heart disease
  • Reduced cholesterol
  • Additional health benefits
  • Reduced blood pressure

The Pritikin Diet and Exercise

In addition to a food and nutrition regimen, dieters must also engage in a lifestyle of exercise. To successfully meet the program’s guidelines, dieters must walk for at least 45 minutes every day.

Benefits of the Pritikin Diet

  • The program may reduce serious health issues and/or odds of developing obesity-related diseases
  • The diet is based on Pritikin’s own experiences and weight loss success
  • The program focuses on healthy eating and balanced food options
  • The program is based on research-founded principals that can lead to long-term benefits

Cons of the Pritikin Diet

  • Some dieters may experience difficulty when striving to adhere to the strict nutritional guidelines
  • Dieters may experience hunger and food cravings
  • The program restricts the consumption of meat, which can be challenging for many dieters
  • Alternative diets promote lean meat-based proteins to achieve weight loss results, as lean meats can help dieters feel more satisfied longer
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