Prevention’s Firm Up in 3 Weeks


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Created by Prevention Magazine, the Firm Up in 3 Weeks program is designed to help dieters lose weight and reshape their bodies. With new fitness research for support, the program incorporates a variety of new exercises and techniques to quickly boost weight loss and fitness results. According to Prevention, dieters are guaranteed to enhance and tone their bodies in just 21 days.

How Does Prevention’s Firm Up in 3 Weeks Work?

The Prevention 3 week plan focuses on exercise in order to enhance energy, physical wellness, and self esteem. Paired with fitness activities, the Firm Up program also provides dieters with specific meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists so as to comprehensively support dieters in their 21 day approach to weight loss.

Firm Up in 3 Weeks emphasizes the importance of exercise including the mental and physical benefits of increased energy and improved self-esteem. Equipped with a meal plan, recipes and a shopping list, it is a well-rounded program to make those changes in your lifestyle that will also help you lose weight.

Benefits of Prevention’s Firm Up in 3 Weeks Program

  • Dieters can experience safe and effective results
  • Weight loss and physical results will be achieved in just 21 days
  • The program is based on breakthrough research and information
  • The program offers a flexible approach to nutrition and food choices
  • The program focuses on lifestyle changes that can be incorporated into one’s choices beyond the 3-week timetable
  • The diet can help individuals both lose weight and maintain weight
  • Dieters can take advantage of shopping lists and meal plans for support and guidance

Prevention’s Firm Up in 3 Weeks and Food Options

With specific meal plans and recipes, dieters can more clearly plan and prepare for healthy and nutritious food options throughout their 21 day timeline. With this support, dieters do not have to struggle over decisions regarding which foods to choose in order to experience benefits. While following the guidelines, dieters will consume healthy and balanced meals 3 times each day, in addition to consuming snacks as well. When snacking, dieters may consume 1 healthy snack and 1 indulgent snack everyday between meals. Recipes and portion sizes are explained and outlined for informational support.

Prevention’s Firm Up in 3 Weeks and Exercise

With intense exercise requirements, dieters should engage in exercise for approximately 60 minutes each day. The book provides dieters with specific workout guidelines that are broken down into three levels. Each level is intended to gradually support and challenge dieters as they experience physical improvements over the course of the three weeks. Exercises are reprinted throughout the book, so dieters can follow specific instructions for safe and effective activities that focus on:

  • Strength training
  • Cardio vascular exercise
  • Flexibility

How Much Does Prevention’s Firm Up in 3 Weeks Program Cost?

  • The Firm Up in 3 Weeks program costs $29.95.

Cons of Prevention’s Firm Up in 3 Weeks Program

  • Many dieters with nut allergies may struggle to follow the program, as many meal options contain nuts
  • The program may be difficult to follow beyond the 3-week timetable, although some principals can be maintained individually after completing the diet
  • The exercise and food restrictions may be difficult for all dieters to follow
  • The program requires at least one hour of exercise each day, which can be challenging for many dieters
  • Some dieters may not have enough time to commit to the program guidelines each day
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