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The Perfect Body Plan is a program designed to promote the physical and psychological elements for improved health and wellness. Creators of the Perfect Body Plan assert that one’s psychological confidence is influenced by one’s physical well-being and confidence; therefore, these two components are inter-related and connected. By teaching specific principals of health, fitness, nutrition, and optimal choices, dieters can experience both physical and personal improvements and results.

How Does the Perfect Body Plan Work?

The Perfect Body Plan asserts that when the mind is stressed and overwhelmed, the body also experiences negative side effects. To enhance personal satisfaction and esteem, dieters must overcome mental struggles and barriers. To assist dieters, the Perfect Body Plan provides resources such as:

  • Physical activity / exercise guidelines and plans
  • Health and nutrition information
  • Information for insight and support

The Perfect Body Plan promotes long-term and healthy steps towards weight loss, by focusing mostly on the education of core healthy principals. This program is not designed for short-term and unhealthy weight loss results, so benefits will be gradual. Dieters will begin by setting realistic goals, as the Perfect Body Plan also encourages dieters to set healthy goals with their doctor’s advice and guidance. Once goals are set, dieters will customize their education, meal, and fitness plans to meet their desired goals. As dieters learn more about healthier living, individuals can anticipate benefits such as:

  • Weight loss of approximately 1 pound each week
  • Improved feelings of overall health
  • Decreased fat and increased muscle tone
  • Decreased feelings of fatigue

The Perfect Body Plan and Nutrition

With advice regarding food and healthy eating, the Perfect Body Plan also provides dieters with 10 specific Diet and Nutrition Power Tips, which are intended to help dieters make better lifestyle choices, thus resulting in weight loss and physical benefits. Among the 10 power tips, several guidelines include:

  • Increase the consumption of protein and vegetables
  • Eat smaller meals consistently throughout the day
  • Check food labels before consuming items
  • Reduce the intake of refined carbohydrates in the evening
  • Incorporate vitamins in their natural states from healthy food sources, specifically from fruits, vegetables, and whole grains

The Perfect Body Plan and Exercise

The Perfect Body Plan teaches dieters how to engage in exercise, regardless of each individual’s unique fitness abilities. There are three specific fitness plans which include:

  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

Each program guides dieters through one-week fitness regimens, which are intended to boost calorie expenditure and burn body fat. Adding to this, dieters will also choose from two target programs that are intended to zone in on each dieter’s specific “problem areas” for enhanced physical results. Overall, dieters should engage in exercise for at least 30 minutes each day approximately 3 to 5 days each week.

Cons of the Perfect Body Plan

  • The diet is formatted as an e-book and does not provide consumers with an interactive website
  • The program is considered to be expensive, as the e-book costs approximately $50
  • The diet does not provide consumers with a comprehensive diet program
  • Some consumers complain that the program lacks support and detailed information
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