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As Oprah Winfery often reveals her struggles with weight loss and weight management, she has recently reported finding new concepts for support with the assistance of the dietary expert Bob Greene. Using his “BestLife” strategies, Oprah asserts that she is now in the best shape of her life, as she is able to balance easy-to follow principals to engage in healthy eating and exercise habits.

What is the Oprah Diet?

Based on Bob Greene’s “BestLife” principals, Oprah has claimed Greene’s program is also known as the “official Oprah Diet.” Oprah asserts that, by following Greene’s guidelines, she has been able to experience greater motivation and weight loss success.

Recently, by following in Oprah’s footsteps, thousands of dieters across the country have experienced similar healthy results, as Greene’s program encourages dieters to change their unhealthy habits from the inside out, as he teaches dieters the emotional and psychological factors behind poor health and weight gain. Specifically, the program focuses on gradual phases to help dieters slowly, step by step, incorporate specific food and dietary / fitness changes into daily lifestyle choices and habits.

To teach dieters healthier principals, dieters can enroll in the online program to experience benefits such as:

  • Weekly meal plans
  • Recipe and shopping lists
  • Exercise instructions
  • Community message boards
  • Tips and additional resources for information

Who is Bob Greene?

Bob Greene is a well-known and highly respected health, fitness, and dietary expert. As the developer of his BestLife Diet, Green essentially worked with Oprah as a test-subject to prove the effectiveness of his program. Once Oprah experienced significant results with Greene, both Greene and Oprah strived to teach the greater audience about making specific personal changes in one’s lifestyle in order to experience long-term and healthy results.

The Oprah Diet and Food

With hundreds of recipes and meal plans, the Oprah Diet and Bob Greene promote food and meal choices such as:

  • Seared shrimp with grapefruit salad
  • Nut butter and pear sandwich
  • Flaxseed morning glory muffins
  • Thai shrimp with tomato, basil, and coconut
  • Cannelloni with sage and tomato

Adding to these menu examples, Greene also guides dieters by highlighting specific products and brands that are healthy options for consumers, including specific products such as:

  • Yoplait yogurt
  • Barilla omega-3 pasta
  • Bertolli olive oil
  • Cheerios cereal varieties
  • Progresso soup options

Benefits of the Oprah Diet

  • The program is well-rounded and balanced, as it utilizes the knowledge of Bob Greene’s fitness and dietary knowledge / background
  • The program provides dieters with both a book and a website for support
  • The program focuses on 3-phases to gradually encourage healthier eating and exercise choices
  • The web-program provides dieters with meal plans, recipes, and exercise instructions
  • Dieters can engage in a free 10-day trial
  • The program is affordable and easy to incorporate into one’s lifestyle
  • The diet is affordable, as the online program costs approximately $20 per month, while Greene’s book is available online and in various book stores

Cons of the Oprah Diet

  • The online program does not offer opportunities to interact with experts / trainers
  • Many dieters reveal that the food program restricts many favorite meals / foods / flavors, making the program occasionally challenging and difficult
  • Some of the food options that must be avoided include white bread / processed carbohydrates, fried foods, whole milk, soda, high-fat cheese and other dairy options, and so forth
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