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The New Day, Your Way diet is a weight loss program designed to support individuals through 16 weeks of encouragement and competition strategies. Created by K-Mart, the New Day, Your Way program offers dieters weight-loss incentives, such as money and other prizes.

How Does the New Day, Your Way Diet Work?

Developed in 2008, the New Day, Your Way diet began as a program focused on encouraging women of all ages to develop New Year’s Resolutions for improved health and wellness. With this focus, women enroll in the program and engage in 16 weeks of healthy eating and exercise habits to stimulate weight loss success. To promote results, dieters each choose their own food and exercise plan. By choosing their own plans, dieters are able to engage in the competition using their own pathway for convenience and success.

The New Day, Your Way diet helps motivate individuals by providing tools such as:

  • Monthly weigh ins at local K-Mart stores
  • Discussion boards for communication and support
  • Bi-weekly emails for communication and encouragement

How Can New Day, Your Way Dieters Win Prizes?

By enrolling in the diet program, each dieter has the chance to win either money or other prizes. Dieters can win either first, second, or third place positions after the 16 week program is complete, although some smaller prizes may be given out to other contests who are not ranked in the top three spots. To choose the winners, contest evaluators examine each contestant’s results, including:

  • How much weight the dieter lost
  • The total change in the dieter’s Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • An evaluation of the dieter’s personal essay, which is written in response to the topic of how the diet program has helped create “a new you.”

The 2008 winner prizes include items such as:

  • 1st Place – $10,000 in cash and a beauty makeover in New York City
  • 2nd Place – $1,000 K-Mart gift card, $399 treadmill, and a 3-year complimentary membership to a Bally’s Total Fitness facility
  • 3rd Place – The 3rd place and additional prizes include rewards such as:
    • A trip to New York City
    • L’Oreal gift bag worth $250
    • Smaller cash rewards and gifts

Benefits of a New Day, Your Way

  • The program promotes community support and involvement
  • The program provides dieters with rewards to boost motivation and focus
  • The program does not enforce specific rules or guidelines, so each dieter can choose his or her own path to weight loss success
  • Dieters are able to choose a food and exercise plan that fits each unique lifestyle
  • Dieters are encouraged to engage in periodic weigh-ins at local K-Mart locations in order to track progress and maintain goals
  • The program is completely free

Cons of a New Day, Your Way

  • Some dieters may prefer a more structured food and exercise plan
  • Some dieters may not prefer to engage in a community-based weight loss program
  • The program lacks professional guidance and expert advice for support
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