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The Never Say Never Diet is a weight loss plan designed to help dieters learn more about healthy living and weight loss methods. The program’s book, Never Say Diet: Make Five Decisions and Break the Fat Habit for Good, is written by Chantel Hobbs, who is well known for having lost over 200 pounds by implementing positive lifestyle changes.

How Does the Never Say Never Diet Work?

Hobbs encourages dieters to focus on spiritual and inner healing in order to discover the various factors influencing each individual’s weight and obesity issues. Hobbs strives to inspire individuals with healthy habits for long term success. Written using Hobbs’ insight, experiences, and humor, the Never Say Never program incorporates a strong religious focus with messages on how to incorporate God into one’s life in order to receive wellness and personal benefits.

The Never Say Never Diet and Food

The Never Say Never Diet strives to teach dieters how to positively change behaviors by incorporating healthier food options into one’s daily eating habits. By focusing on health, Hobbs teaches dieters to follow a controlled food plan with guidelines such as:

  • Never skip meals, as this may cause hunger and over-eating
  • Hobbs provides dieters with specific shopping lists
  • Dieters can utilize healthy meal ideas and recipes

Overall, Hobbs does not advocate for a specific and structured food plan. Instead, the Never Say Never Diet focuses on a daily regimen of healthy choices and nutrition.

The Never Say Never Diet and Exercise

The Never Say Never Diet provides dieters with specific exercise guidelines and phases.

  • Dieters are able to engage in a specific and pre-planned exercise routine for each of the five phases of the diet
  • Exercises include a combination of both cardio and strength training activities
  • Dieters should engage in exercise activities almost every day of the week

About the Author

Chantel Hobbs once weighed approximately 349 pounds after giving birth to three children. By focusing on faith and inner-healing practices, Hobbs was able to drop her weight down to approximately 150 pounds.

Benefits of the Never Say Never Diet

  • Hobbs is an author who bases her diet on personal weight loss success and experience
  • The book is written in a relatable, informative, and humorous style
  • The author incorporates a focus on introspection and faith
  • The program is appropriate for long-term weight loss success and results
  • The program focuses on healthy eating and exercise
  • The program’s food guidelines are easy to follow and are not restrictive
  • The diet is appropriate for individuals of diverse fitness abilities
  • The diet is appropriate for a range of fitness and wellness goals
  • The diet is affordable, as the book costs approximately $20 and is available both online and in bookstores

Cons of the Never Say Never Diet

  • The program is centered on Christian principals, which may not be appealing to some dieters
  • As the program lacks a detailed eating and nutrition guide, some dieters may prefer a program with more specific support
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