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As various reports and studies reveal that dieters lose more weight when working with peers, My Weight Loss Team focuses on providing individuals with essential community support and tools in order to boost weight loss success.

How Does My Weight Loss Team Work?

My Weight Loss Team is a program based of previously established and successful programs:

  • Weight Watchers
  • “The Biggest Loser,” a weight loss reality show on NBC

Similar to these other programs, My Weight Loss Team focuses on various elements of group support in order to motivate dieters to stay on track and reach individual goals. Adding to this support element, My Weight Loss Team also places each dieter in a specific group; to foster motivation, the program places the groups in challenges to see which group is able to lose the most weight each month.

My Weight Loss Team Diet and Exercise Regulations

As the My Weight Loss Team is specifically designed to encourage group motivation and support, the program does not provide specific dietary or fitness rules, restrictions, or guidelines. Dieters are simply supposed to maintain their own healthy eating and activity plan, as the My Weight Loss tools and resources are intended to boost each dieter’s motivation and progress.

How Long does the My Weight Loss Team Diet Last?

As dieters engaging in the program are placed in competitive groups, each challenge lasts approximately one month.

How Do I Begin the My Weight Loss Team Program?

To begin the program, dieters must first sign up at the My Weight Loss Team Website. Following this, dieters will engage in the following initiative steps:

  • Dieters will complete a Body Mass Index (BMI) summary online
    • This summary informs dieters details regarding their body’s ability to burn calories and lose weight
  • Dieters are then placed into a fitness group comprised of approximately 5 to 11 other individuals
    • The groups are created so that each dieter in the group has a similar profile. With this element, dieters are able to receive more personal and relatable support and encouragement
  • To engage in the program and the challenges, each dieter in the group monitors the amount of food consumed each day, in addition to reporting the amount of exercise completed each day
    • While monitoring these elements, dieters also weigh themselves each day and record their new weight onto the website
    • After each dieter enters his/her weight, the My Weight Loss Team program adds up the weights of each dieter, resulting in a total team weight summary
  • Adding to these reports and responsibilities, each dieter is also required to post a motivational message to the group each day.
    • This message requirement is intended to foster teamwork and group support

How Much Does the My Weight Loss Team Cost?

  • Dieters can enroll in a 7-day free trial
  • The program costs $9.99 for a one month membership
  • The program costs $24.99 for a three month membership
  • The program costs $44.99 for a six-month membership
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