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My Weight Loss Coach is a program designed for Nintendo DS gaming systems. By engaging users in fun and interactive activities, My Weight Loss Coach strives to teach dieters how to have fun and get fit at the same time.

How Does My Weight Loss Coach for Nintendo DS Work?

Designed by a fitness coach and a nutritionist, the My Weight Loss Coach program is intended to teach individuals how to enjoy physical activities and healthier lifestyle choices. To guide dieters, the My Weight Loss Coach system is essentially set up like a game. By creating an introductory user profile, individuals are able to recognize current fitness abilities while also setting goals for progress and success. The My Weight Loss Coach program guides users to set positive objectives, as the program also allows users to track their individual progress and results.

When purchasing the My Weight Loss Coach program, individuals are provided with a complimentary pedometer. The program focuses on the philosophy that tools, such as the pedometer, can help users maintain an awareness of their physical activity levels, as the tool can also help individuals adjust their eating habits to balance out their expended energy / calories during the day. Ultimately, users of My Weight Loss Coach are able to monitor their own abilities, focus on their goals, balance their energy levels, and take control of their weight in an active and engaging manner.

How Do the My Weight Loss Coach Games Work?

To experience results, creators of the program insist that dieters only need to play the My Weight Loss Coach game for simply 10 to 15 minutes per day. During these games, users will be posed with mini-challenges, coaching sessions, mini-games, and quizzes. All of these activities are designed to provide users with benefits such as:

  • Increased motivation
  • Increased focus on goals and progress
  • Increased information on diet and nutrition
  • Increased awareness of healthy choices and personal habits
  • The ability and opportunity to balance out one’s activity levels based on the advice of the My Weight Loss Coach personal fitness coach

Benefits of My Weight Loss Coach for Nintendo DS

  • Users can create their own profiles with their unique personal information, evaluation, and improvement potential
  • Users can establish their fitness objectives based on their fitness evaluation
  • My Weight Loss Coach provides users with customized fitness recommendations
  • Based on daily and/or weekly inputs, users are able to engage in a rewards system to boost motivation
  • Information can be input via the use of a pedometer, exercise information, and nutritional information
  • Users receive a free pedometer with the purchase of the My Weight Loss Coach game
  • All physical activities correlated with the game are designed to improve individuals’ fitness abilities and overall health

How Much Does the My Weight Loss Program for Nintendo DS Cost?

While prices and discounts may vary, the average cost of the game is approximately $40. In addition to this, individuals must also purchase and/or have access to a Nintendo DS gaming system.

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