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Created by the popular “Men’s Health” magazine, the Men’s Health Personal Trainer is a program that provides men with professional designed guidelines for improved health and personal wellness. With customized programming, each individual can utilize the various tools and resources to experience success.

How Does the Men’s Health Personal Trainer Work?

To help men improve their tone, shape, and body sculpt, the Men’s Health Personal Trainer program provides individuals with access to an online account with a variety of customized elements for support. Based on each man’s progress and goals, the program can be adjusted and formulated, so every member experiences unique and personal benefits. Some of these resources include:

  • A meal plan selector
  • Customized exercise routine options
  • Tools to communicate with a trainer
  • View demonstrations of workouts and exercises
  • Progress tracker
  • Updated goals based on each member’s habits
  • Men’s Health Personal Trainer and Food

To help men tone their bodies and boost results, the online resource allows members to enter their own specific food preferences. Using this information, the Personal Trainer program provides each individual with their own customized meal selection plan.

Men’s Health Personal Trainer and Exercise

As the program strives to help men boost muscle tone and while sculpting the body, individual members can customize their own exercise routines to meet the needs of their own areas for improvement and focus. Adding to this, members can also view demonstrations of new exercises online, as the tools allow members to view videos with instructions. Also, if at any point a member needs to adjust his routine, the program can conveniently switch each member’s fitness plan, as members can even adjust their exercise regimen due to injury, illness, or other issues.

Men’s Health Personal Trainer and Customized Goal Options

Whether an individual is seeking to lose 100 pounds or gain 5 pounds of lean muscle, Men’s Health Personal Trainer allows each individual to enter in his own unique information and fitness goals. By providing the Personal Trainer system with information about food preferences, habits, exercise routines, and goals, the program is able to uniquely plan a routine and pattern to accommodate each man’s needs. Adding to this, many of the demonstrated exercises on the program can even be performed from home, so the program allows individuals of various workout preferences to engage in some form of activity to enhance benefits.

How Much Does Men’s Health Personal Trainer Cost?

  • Interested members can take advantage of a 10-day free trial or 30-day free trial, as promotions often vary
  • Membership rates start at $2.50 each week for 3 months of access

Benefits of Men’s Health Personal Trainer

  • Provides dieters with a variety of online tools and resources
  • Focuses on healthy eating and exercise
  • Designed specifically for men
  • Backed by the well-known and trusted experience of “Men’s Health” magazine
  • The program is affordable and easily accessible
  • All exercises are designed by professional trainers and experts
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