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Created in 2005, the Kamen Entertainment Group created a website offering free downloads to exercise routines instructed by the nationally recognized fitness expert, Marina. With convenient download options, individuals can simply add Marina’s Marina’s High-NRG Fitness workouts to their IPOD or MP3 player.

How Does Marina’s High-NRG Fitness Program Work?

Marina strives to teach dieters about fun and interactive ways to lose weight. By downloading her exercise audio files, Marina’s High-NRG Fitness programs are specifically designed to support and assist individuals, as the programs include benefits such as:

  • Up-beat and up-tempo music correlates with exercises to boost enthusiasm
  • Lyrics from the music are included to increase motivation
  • Marina guides dieters with specific verbal instructions
  • Verbal instructions also appear on MP3 / IPOD screens

To keep the exercises fresh and creative, new podcasts can be downloaded as frequently as dieters desire. The podcasts and downloads provide dieters with information on topics such as:

  • Cardio aerobics
  • Body sculpting
  • Food-a-holic confessions
  • Dealing with dietary pressures, food cravings, and lack of motivation

How Do I Download Marina’s High-NRG Fitness Program?

Working with Kamen Entertainment, Marina’s workout program provides dieters with groundbreaking support and assistance. To download her programs, interested consumers simply sign up for Marina’s podcast. This technology allows individuals to subscribe and automatically download her audio exercise files. To join Marina’s program, dieters can join the High-NRG Fitness podcast by visiting her website, available at

Who is Marina?

As a 40 year old mother of 3 small children, Marina gained fitness notoriety as she lost 100 pounds by engaging in a program of diet and exercise. Her goal is to teach dieters how to engage in fun and enjoyable physical activities to boost health and weight loss results. Adding to this, Marina is also well known for her additional activities and appearances, including:

  • Created her own original dance music CDs
  • Created her own fitness videos
  • Produced workout shows for cable TV
  • Featured on programs and mediums such as:
    • The Discovery Health Network
    • PBS
    • The New York Times
    • Family Circle Magazine

How Did Marina Experience her Dramatic Weight Loss?

To lose her 100 pounds of excess weight, Marina engaged in a program that included various activities and focuses:

  • Marina focused on creating her own program as she strived to lose weight, as she felt none of the available programs connected with her own struggle
  • Marina walked 3 miles per day
  • She worked on her dance music and motivational lyrics for encouragement, support, and motivation
  • Focused on ways to make exercise fun, as she asserts that she previously hated working out
  • Included motivational elements, such as music and reflection, to discover more about her own inner being while striving to succeed and reach her weight loss goals
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