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Maria’s Last Diet is an online weight loss program designed to specifically help women find motivation and support. Created by a married husband and wife team with backgrounds in psychological research, Maria’s Last Diet strives to teach dieters about the internal factors and issues that cause weight related issues.

How Does Maria’s Last Diet Work?

Maria’s Last Diet aims at identifying the ways in which thoughts and actions often sabotage weight loss and dietary success. This diet helps individuals identify the core issues surrounding one’s eating and dietary habits, so as to more successfully understand and engage in a healthier pathway. To guide dieters, Maria’s Last Diet provides women with an online website with various tools and resources for support. These resources are geared at helping guide dieters through commonly encountered obstacles such as:

  • Loss of motivation
  • Struggle with dietary / lifestyle changes
  • Issues with emotional eating
  • Negative thinking patterns
  • Poor self esteem patterns / thoughts

Maria’s Last Diet and Food Options

As Maria’s Last Diet is mainly geared at addressing the various psychological issues surrounding weight issues and weight gain, the program does not endorse nor support any specific dietary and food regimen. In order to experience results, dieters can choose from the variety of dietary suggestions on the Maria’s Last Diet website; however, the program does not promote one method of weight loss over another.

Maria’s Last Diet and Exercise

Similar to the dietary support, Maria’s Last Diet does not promote specific exercise programs or routines. Instead, one of the program’s requirements encourage dieters to perform a specific physical exercise after a weekly question that’s provided. This question and activity is intended to engage dieters in a mental exercise that’s designed to teach dieters how to reflect and become more aware about patterns of thinking and behaving in order to achieve weight loss goals.

Benefits of Maria’s Last Diet

  • The program provides both psychological and practical support
  • The program teaches dieters about the internal and core factors of weight and eating
  • The program is created by two psychologists with extensive research experience
  • Maria’s Last Diet is based on clinical trials and food-related psychological research
  • Dieters can access support from online community members
  • The program focuses on practices of healthy eating and exercise
  • The program encourages dieters to maintain a positive outlook
  • Dieters can utilize Maria’s Last Diet in conjunction with any other diet of their choice
  • Dieters can enroll for free to the online program

Cons of Maria’s Last Diet

  • The program is only designed for women
  • The program does not provide dieters with concrete and/or specific dietary and food information
  • The program does not provide a specific diet guideline / explanation / details
  • Dieters must choose their own diet plan to experience success

Cost of Maria’s Last Diet

Dieters can enroll in the online program for free, and can also purchase the dietary e-book for only $9.95.

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