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Well known as a popular musician and actress, Mariah Carey has created a diet program to teach individuals how to lose weight by following a healthy diet and exercise regimen. In 2008, to celebrate her latest record release, Mariah made headlines for both her music and her drastic 20 pound weight loss by following her specific health program.

How Does the Mariah Carey Diet Work?

To formulate her diet, Mariah worked with personal trainer Patricia Guy, who helped develop the details of her nutrition and exercise program. While the diet focuses on helping individuals lose weight, both Mariah and Guy wanted to strive for long-term success, so the program is intended to be an overall lifestyle change towards healthier living. By following the program, Mariah went from a size 8 to a size 0/2. According to Mariah, the diet focuses on a specific ratio for success:

  • 75% dietary changes
  • 25% exercise

The Mariah Carey Diet and Nutrition

To boost weight loss and healthy results, Mariah and Guy implemented a food plan that restricts negative and harmful foods, such as butter and empty calorie snacks. Adding to this, Mariah’s diet centers on an intake of approximately 1,000 to 1,500 calories per day. To maintain this low-calorie program, each meal is strictly portion controlled and only includes nutritious and low-fat foods. An example of one of Mariah’s daily menus may include healthy food items such as:

  • Throughout the Day – An intake of approximately 3 liters of water
  • Breakfast – Non-fat plain yogurt with fresh fruit
  • Lunch – Grilled vegetables and grilled chicken with parsley
  • Dinner – Whole grain rice and mixed vegetables with olive oil
  • Snacks – Olives / baked sweet potato

As Mariah’s food plan is quite limited, she also advocates for engaging in the “morsel diet.” The “morsel diet” essentially encourages dieters to simply take one or two small bites of favorite, and potentially less healthy, foods. For example, foods like pasta, ice cream, and so forth. By simply eating a “morsel” of these less-healthy options, dieters like Mariah are able to enjoy the taste without breaking their dietary program restrictions.

The Mariah Carey Diet and Exercise

Along with her personal trainer, Mariah exercises for approximately 90 minutes per day, almost every day of the week. A sample of one of her daily exercises includes a schedule such as:

  • A pool / water based exercise with 20 minutes of warm-up activities
  • 30 minutes of full-body water exercises, such as kicking, kickboxing, and running in the water
  • A post-pool work-out of 45 minutes of yoga and/or Pilates
  • A post-pool work-out of crunches and abdominal exercises

Pros of the Mariah Carey Diet

  • The program is a long-term and healthy lifestyle approach to weight loss
  • The program allows for tiny indulgences of favorite foods
  • The diet eliminates unhealthy foods, such as butter and oil
  • The diet encourages the implementation of an exercise regimen

Cons of the Mariah Carey Diet

  • The diet requires access to a gym and/or exercise equipment
  • The diet is incredibly time consuming as exercise is required almost everyday
  • The diet’s food restrictions may be too severe for most dieters, as the caloric limit is approximately 1,500 calories per day
  • The diet may be expensive, as some dieters may need the assistance of a personal trainer and/or nutritionist
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