Mariah Carey Bleak Diet


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As a popular musician and celebrity, Mariah Carey is well known for her dieting ups and downs. Mariah’s fluctuating weight gained specific attention in 2006, as a weight loss program now referred to as the “Bleak Diet” helped the singer lose two whole sizes, totaling in 32 pounds of weight loss in just four months.

How Does the Mariah Carey Bleak Diet Work?

Mariah Carey’s Bleak Diet essentially focuses on a consumption of mainly fish and soup. Most of the foods are protein-based and, as Mariah reveals, are relatively bland. An example of one of her daily menus may include items such as:

  • Breakfast – Two eggs, fruit, and a whole grain bread if she is planning on engaging in exercise that day
  • Lunch – A lean protein, such as chicken or fish.
  • Dinner – A lean protein and vegetables, such as fish and spinach.
  • Snacks – Applesauce and/or raw vegetables

The Mariah Carey Bleak Diet and Nutrition

The Bleak Diet focuses on controlling portions and food options. To ensure that foods are prepared in a healthy and nutritious manner, foods are prepared without butter, and rarely include oils and/or unhealthy sauces and seasonings. Protein is a major focus of the diet as this element helps muscles to recover from physical activities, while it also allows dieters to feel fuller longer.

The Mariah Carey Bleak Diet and Exercise

To boost weight loss success, Carey works out with her personal trainer approximately 3 to 4 times per week. During these sessions, she engages in 90 minutes to two hours of physical activity to burn fat and strengthen lean muscle tissues.

Why Did Carey Implement the Bleak Diet?

Carey began her pathway to weight loss on the bleak diet after she realized how her recent weight gain was inhibiting her lifestyle. With her added weight, prior to the diet, Carey struggled to fit into her favorite clothes, which provided her with the revelation that she needed to change her lifestyle. To implement the change, Carey hired a personal trainer to help her maintain a rigorous diet and exercise program. The results from her diet allowed the 5’9” actress to drop her weight to only 135 pounds.

Benefits of the Mariah Carey Bleak Diet

  • The diet includes healthy foods and proteins
  • The diet focuses on exercise and fitness
  • Carey experienced dramatic weight loss when engaging in the program, leading to approximately 32 pounds of fat lost in just 4 months

Cons of the Mariah Carey Bleak Diet

  • Carey had the assistance of a personal trainer and nutritionist, so this program may be less realistic for average dieters
  • The program does not seem to be sustainable for a long duration of time
  • Carey gained back weight after engaging in the program in 2006
  • The diet seems to be more short-term, which can lead to instant weight loss paired with often inevitable weight gain
  • The foods and meal options tend to be bland
  • The dietary restrictions are severe, making this program difficult to follow
  • The diet does not provide dieters with a specific program, guideline, or book for assistance
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