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Created by Jordan Rubin, the Makers Diet is a holistic approach to health, weight loss, and wellness. Based on principals of The Bible, the Makers Diet encourages dieters to adhere to nutritional laws that are outlined in The Bible.

How Does the Makers Diet Work?

As author Jordan Rubin explains, the Makers Diet utilizes dietary and nutritional lessons from The Bible to teach dieters about health and wellness. Instead of solely focusing on adjusting eating habits, the Makers Diet also strives to help dieters improve the functioning of their immune systems. Adding to this, the Makers Diet also strives to help dieters regulate their blood sugar levels, as this can help level out one’s mood, energy, and metabolism. By following the various principals of the Makers Diet, Rubin asserts that dieters will experience a variety of benefits such as:

  • A dramatic impact on one’s body and physical appearance
  • Improved concentration abilities
  • Stabilization of moods
  • Reduced odds of developing infections or illnesses

The Makers Diet and Food Options

The principals behind the Makers Diet are similar to the regulations and guidelines of Kosher eating, as some of the food principals include:

  • Dieters cannot eat any fish without scales or fins, but may eat any fish that does possess scales or fins. Unacceptable fish include:
    • Crab
    • Lobster
    • Catfish
    • Shrimp
  • Dieters cannot eat any mammal that does chew cud, including:
    • Pork

Adding to these food restrictions, dieters are also encourage to incorporate positive dietary habits. Some of these new habits include:

  • Eliminate processed foods
  • Drink more water throughout the day
  • Abstain from and control emotional eating
  • Increase time in the sun and outdoors

To replace unhealthy foods, the Makers Diet allows dieters to discover new and healthier foods, which can most commonly be found at local grocery stores. To supplement healthy dietary changes, the Makers Diet provides various products for consumers on their website, although these products are not required in order to engage in the diet. Some of the products available on the Makers Diet site include:

  • Multivitamins
  • Omega-3 supplements
  • Hygiene packages

How Long Does the Makers Diet Last?

The Makers Diet is designed to span a 40 day period. During this 40 day diet, individuals are encouraged to engage in a variety of activities:

  • Dieters will adjust their meals and meal planning routines
  • Dieters will engage in exercise programs
  • Dieters will engage in prayer
  • Dieters will utilize a special cleanser on the hands and face every morning
  • Dieters will enjoy musical therapy by listening to a Makers Diet CD each evening

How Much Does the Makers Diet Cost?

Individuals can engage in the Makers Diet for only $4.99 a month. While the program is only 40 days long, dieters can extend the program for a longer period of time, as the program adheres to principals of healthy eating and long-term wellness.

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