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Lindora is a weight loss program designed to help dieters maintain immediate and long term weight loss results. Created by Dr. Marshall Stamper, Lindora is a clinic that has supported dieters for over 35 years.

How Does Lindora Work?

Lindora is a clinically tested and medically supported weight loss program that has aided in thousands of dieters’ weight loss success. Lindora focuses on concepts of a well-rounded lifestyle in order to promote weight loss success. To encourage a well-rounded plan, Lindora focuses on an analysis of three central elements:

  • Behavior
  • Body
  • Mind

How Do I Begin the Lindora Program?

Lindora clinics originated in Southern California, but have now been extended to provide dieters with support through its online programs. Adding to this, Lindora clinics are now also located inside various Rite Aid pharmacies. Dieters can take advantage of a local clinic, or can join the program online. While prices may vary, the cost of the online Lindora program generally costs around $80. Local clinic costs may vary depending on location.

Interested dieters can take advantage of the various Lindora tools for support once they begin the program. Specifically, dieters can choose from a variety of programs in the online forum, while participants can also receive additional resources at the local Lindora clinics. These resources include:

  • Personal weight loss advice
  • Wellness exams
  • Vaccinations
  • Care for minor illness / health issues

Background on Dr. Stamper

After his mother passed away due to obesity and obesity-related issues, Dr. Stamper immediately opened a weight loss clinic to help individuals avoid the serious implications caused by poor diet and obesity. Stamper focuses on a program that helps dieters lose weight with supervision and support.

Benefits of the Lindora Program

  • The program is based on innovations in the studies of health and nutrition
  • The program is supported by experts and various sources of research
  • Dieters are provided with medical supervision and guidance
  • Dieters have access to both local and online resources for support
  • Dieters are provided with specific meal plans
  • Dieters can ask experts questions and receive advice in both the local and online programs
  • Dieters can take advantage of communication tools, such as message boards, in the online program
  • The Lindora staff members are recognized as leaders of health and dietary research
  • The Lindora program is one of the first diet and health-based programs that provides dieters with the support of a nation-wide chain for support (Rite Aid)
  • Dr. Stamper based his program on his own personal experiences, which may provide dieters with more emotional and mental support than other diet programs

Cons of the Lindora Program

  • The program is fairly expensive, as it costs approximately $80 for an online membership
  • Dieters who are not struggling with severe weight gain or obesity issues may not benefit from the specific support of Lindora
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