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Created by the company Fitness Quest, Leg Magic is an exercise machine that has been specifically designed for women to target the various muscle groups in the legs. Available for home-purchase, Leg Magic strives to provide individuals with specialized support for boosted weight loss and muscle-toning results.

How Does Leg Magic Work?

Leg Magic is a unique machine that incorporates a smooth gliding motion for improved muscle tone and weight loss support. When using the Leg Magic machine, individuals will engage in the gliding motion to work naturally with the powers of gravity on order to engage muscles on a variety of different ranges and levels. Unlike traditional exercises, like lunges or squats, the Leg Magic machine is able to target unique muscle groups for a fuller exercise and more advanced results. Also unlike traditional exercises, the Leg Magic machine allows dieters to engage in exercise in as little as 60 seconds.

Specifically, while Leg Magic will target various muscles in the legs, creators assert that their machine will specifically concentrate the inner and outer thighs to provide users with super-model like legs. Adding to this, users of the Leg Magic system will also experience more toned buttocks and abs.

Additional Fitness Quest Products

In addition to Leg Magic, the manufacturing company, Fitness Quest, has also created a variety of fitness machines, including:

  • Tony Little’s Gazelle Freestyle Machine
  • The Ab Lounge

Fitness Quest provides consumers of all of their products with a “Sixty Second Guarantee,” where if a consumer does not like his or her purchase within the first 60 seconds of purchase, then the product can be returned for a full refund. Adding to this, Leg Magic comes with a 30 day warrantee.

How Do I Purchase Leg Magic?

Individuals can purchase Leg Magic online. While prices may vary, the average cost of the machine is approximately $165. As the cost of the system is fairly high, the creators offer occasional payment plans to allow for an installment-based payment method.

Benefits of Leg Magic

  • Leg Magic can accommodate women of up to 250 pounds
  • The product can be used at home
  • The product specifically targets legs and can be easily stored
  • The machine only weighs approximately 22 pounds
  • There is minimal assembly involved
  • Manufacturers provide consumers with both a guarantee and a warrantee
  • Consumers are provided with additional support tools, such as a workout DVD and instruction guide
  • Consumers are also provided with a diet and nutrition plan for added support

Leg Magic and Supplement Materials

In addition to the Leg Magic machine, consumers will also receive added weight loss tools for support. These items include:

  • Power stands
  • A workout DVD guided by fitness expert Rosalie Brown
  • Rosalie Brown’s guide to Leg Magic success
  • A Leg Magic eating and nutrition guide
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