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The Lean Plate Club program provides dieters with tools and resources to promote healthy eating habits. Created by Sally Squires, the Health and Nutrition columnist for the Washington Post, the Lean Plate Club is not a diet with weekly meetings, fees, or rules. Moreover, Squires’ program is an attempt to inform readers on healthy-living and wellness topics to promote weight loss and physical success.

How Does the Lean Plate Club Work?

Each week on Tuesday, Squires publishes a new Lean Plate Club column in the Washington Post. Due to popularity of the program, this has been syndicated in papers across the country. At its core, the program focuses on eight-weeks of wellness practice in order to guide dieters towards new and significant results. Although the program is intended to last for 8 weeks, dieters can extend the program for a longer period of time.

In the 8 week program, and in her weekly columns, Squires focuses on new health and wellness issues each week, discussing a variety of topics such as:

  • Enjoying healthy foods
  • Avoiding nutritional deficits
  • How to overcome exercise boredom
  • How to maintain long term weight loss focus
  • Tips to incorporate healthy habits and regimens into one’s lifestyle
  • Grocery shopping tips
  • Tasty and healthy recipes
  • Menu options to promote weight loss

The Lean Plate Club and Food Options

Squires asserts that dieters can experience weight loss success by simply incorporating healthier choices into daily practices. Foods are not excluded in this program, as Squires teaches dieters how to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables, grilled foods, and lean proteins. Adding to this, Squires asserts that dieters should reduce their consumption of fried foods, chips, sugary juices, and so forth.

The Lean Plate Club and Exercise

Squires asserts that dieters should engage in at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. For more serious weight loss results, exercise should be increased to 90 minutes per day. The Lean Plate Club advocates for a program of both diet and physical activities to promote successful and long term wellness results.

Benefits of the Lean Plate Club

  • The program is free
  • The program is only 8 weeks and can be extended for long term success
  • The program is endorsed by the Washington Post
  • Squires references the USDA’a Food Guide Pyramid for informational support
  • The program does not include any added costs, resources, pre-packaged foods, etcetera
  • The program is safe and effective

Cons of the Lean Plate Club

  • The program requires a constant monitoring of food consumption, including a measuring of calories throughout the day
  • Dieters are required to complete homework tasks each day
  • The program is less structured than other diet alternatives / options
  • The program does not provide dieters with added resources, such as a website, community forum, tracking tools, and so forth
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