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LA Weight Loss is a diet program with over 400 locations around the world. Developed in 1994, LA Weight Loss consistently strives to teach dieters how to fight their battles with weight by teaching concepts and tools of healthy living.

How Does LA Weight Loss Work?

LA Weight Loss supports dieters achieve their goals by providing individualized counseling programs, in addition to resources for nutrition and exercise. Dieters are provided with support through motivational private visit sessions, as the LA Weight Loss program will customize its diet and fitness plans for each individual’s needs and preferences.

To engage in the program, each dieter meets with a trained LA Weight Loss counselor on a weekly basis. The counselor’s purpose is to help coach and encourage each dieter by instilling and reinforcing the core steps to the LA Weight Loss program. These steps are designed to guide dieters towards immediate and long term weight loss success.

  • Step 1 – Weight Loss
    In the first step, dieters engage in a counseling session to customize meal plans while reviewing preferences, goals, and needs. In addition, dieters will work with a counselor to determine their goal weight while creating a timeline to achieve supported results.
  • Step 2 – Stabilization
    After the initial weight loss, dieters will learn the techniques for maintaining positive results. To avoid the common patterns of weight loss followed by weight gain, LA Weight Loss strives to teach dieters how to gradually incorporate more foods into their diet, while also maintaining principals of healthy eating and portion control.
  • Step 3 – Maintenance
    During the final step, dieters will continue their habits of healthy eating and exercise. Meanwhile, LA Weight Loss experts assert that, during this last phase, dieters can expect to feel better from the inside out, as energy levels and feelings of confidence will be boosted.

LA Weight Loss and Food

LA Weight Loss focuses on the concept that each dieter is unique and different. By maintaining this belief, the weight loss experts customize each meal plan and recipe selection to meet the specific needs of each individual. While focusing on this, each food plan is based on core beliefs and practices, which include:

  • Portion control
  • Nutrient rich foods
  • Balanced diet without eliminating food groups

LA Weight Loss and Exercise

LA Weight Loss advocates for a program that focuses on both diet and exercise; therefore, dieters are encouraged to engage in daily physical activities. According to LA Weight Loss, even mild or moderate activities can generate results, as each dieter will receive a customized and specific exercise plan to help guide everyone towards success.

How Do I Start the LA Weight Loss Program?

Dieters can either join the LA Weight Loss program online, or can find and attend one of the 400 local LA Weight Loss wellness locations that are available around the world. Upon beginning the program, each individual will have his or her health assessed by the professional LA Weight Loss counselors. This health assessment is intended to provide the weight loss professionals with added information and details about each dieter’s needs, goals, and conditions.

Based on each individual plan, location, and/or promotions, the prices of the LA Weight Loss program will vary. Despite any variance, however, the LA Weight Loss Corporation offers each dieter a full money back refund if one does not experience the guaranteed results.

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