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Kimkins is a weight loss program designed to provide dieters with online support and guidance. Kimkins focuses on a plan of exercise paired with low fat and low glycemic foods in order to boost dieters’ weight loss results.

How Does Kimkins Work?

Kimkins encourages dieters to achieve weight loss goals by engaging in their online program for tools, support, and information. By focusing on healthy eating and exercise options, Kimkins provides members with specific wellness resources such as:

  • Kimkins diet information
  • Food lists
  • Sample menus
  • Recipe library
  • Online personal journal

In addition to the program’s resources, dieters can choose from a variety of Kimkins unique plans:

  • The Original Kimkins – Low fat low carb option
  • Kimkins Boot Camp – Fast and immediate results program
  • Kimmer Experiment – Discover how carbs cause weight gain
  • Shake it Good – A portion controlled protein shake program
  • Flex Cycling Option – Flexible diet option with built in adjustable plans

Kimkins and Weight Loss

According to Kimkins creators, dieters can expect to lose approximately 5% of their total body fat in just the first 5 days of the program. While results will vary based on age, gender, fitness, and so forth, Kimkins asserts that their programs will support a range of dieters and unique needs.

Benefits of Kimkins

  • Dieters are provided with a variety of nutritional and food tools, including menus, food lists, and so forth
  • Members have access to a variety of unique and diverse programs to promote weight loss
  • Members are only required to pay a one-time fee to join
  • Dieters are provided with up to date articles and tips
  • The diet is lower fat than the Atkin’s plan
  • The diet is lower carb than the South Beach plan
  • Kimkins provides members with a “work out zone” where they can find exercise information and chat with “buddies”
  • The program is geared towards both men and women
  • Dieters struggling with diabetes can find support with Kimkins
  • Dieters who have undergone gastric bypass surgery can find support with Kimkins
  • All programs, resources, tools, and tips are included and their membership joining fee, and there are no extra charges for features or updates

How Do I Begin the Kimkins Program?

Dieters interested in joining the Kimkins program can sign up at their website. Before receiving information, tools, and resources, dieters must fist become a member and pay the one-time joining fee. The one-time cost of the program is $79.95, although Kimkins asserts that this one-time fee is more cost effective than other online programs.

Cons of the Kimkins Program

  • The joining fee is fairly expensive
  • Some dieters may prefer a more specifically structured plan that offers fewer dietary, food, and program options
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