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Known as the famous executive director of Chanel, the Karl Lagerfeld Diet is a weight loss program that Lagerfeld created with Dr. Jean-Claude Houdret. After losing over 80 pounds during his own struggle with weight gain and obesity, Karl Lagerfeld has designed his program to provide dieters with insight into his own weight loss struggles and issues, as both Lagerfeld and Houdret strive to encourage dieters with successful habits and tips to achieve weight loss and dietary goals.

How Does the Karl Lagerfeld Diet Work?

The Karl Lagerfeld Diet focuses on a variety of weight loss tips and tools, as Lagerfeld shares his own struggles with obesity and weight loss issues, while also providing his own designer insight into the tricks of famous celebrity dieters. Lagerfeld begins his program by providing information on the various factors and influences that contribute to weight gain and obesity. These factors range from issues with emotional eating, problematic behavioral eating, along with many others. As dieters discover more about their own influences for eating and/or over-eating, Lagerfeld strives to motivate readers with a step-by-step guide to successfully achieving weight loss success. The program focuses on an overall guide to wellness, as Lagerfeld discusses issues such as:

  • Motivation
  • Diet and nutrition
  • How to eat foods without feeling deprived
  • How to care for one’s skin
  • How to relieve stress
  • Tips for quitting smoking
  • Exercise information and resources

The Karl Lagerfeld Diet and Food Options

Lagerfeld encourages dieters to incorporate a nutritional program that helped him to achieve his own weight loss goals. This dietary program focuses on core concepts and dietary phases which include:

  • Limit dietary / caloric intake
  • Eliminate refined, fatty and/or fried foods
  • Incorporate more lean proteins and fresh vegetables

In addition to these nutritional elements, Lagerfeld provides dieters with resources such as menu items, over 100 recipes, in addition to tips on how to create delicious desserts, appetizers, and other meal items without sacrificing one’s healthy eating regimen.

Benefits of the Karl Lagerfeld Diet

  • Dieters may feel encouraged by Lagerfeld’s own weight loss experience
  • Lagerfeld is a well known designer who provides tips from celebrities
  • The program provides dieters with specific nutrition and diet information
  • Dieters can still enjoy some of their favorite foods while losing weight
  • Lagerfeld discusses other relevant wellness issues, such as beauty maintenance, elimination of unhealthy habits, stress reduction, and so forth
  • Lagerfeld asserts that dieters will experience results within a year of following the program
  • Lagerfeld encourages a program of both diet and exercise to promote physical and emotional well being

Cons of the Karl Lagerfeld Diet

  • The program is long term and may not provide dieters with immediate results
  • Some dieters report that Lagerfeld’s claims are often unsupported and potentially unreliable
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