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Jorge Cruise is the creator of a variety of different fitness and wellness plans. Cruise’s 8 Minutes in the Morning program focuses specifically on supporting dieters as they strive to exercise efficiently and effectively to achieve their weight loss and wellness goals.

How Does 8 Minutes in the Morning Work?

8 Minutes in the Morning is a fitness book that focuses on a variety of exercises and activities to maximize weight loss results. Cruise’s program focuses on a 28-day cycle of exercises, as he claims that dieters can lose up to two pounds per week while engaging in his program. The key feature of Cruise’s program is the concept that dieters only need to engage in his exercises for 8 minutes each day in order to experience fitness results. According to Cruise, if dieters engage in his strategic strength training activities, they will experience increased weight loss results as the body’s muscle burns 50 additional calories (when compared to fat in the body); therefore, the more muscle the body has, the more calories the body burns!

To follow the program, dieters will engage in 8 minutes of strength training exercises 6 days per week. As exercises can be varied and customized, participants only need to focus on two body areas during their 8 minute routines. An example of a potential weekly may include a variety of activities such as:

  • Day 1 – Exercises for the back and shoulders
  • Day 2 – Exercises for the abs and buttocks
  • Day 3 -Exercises for the quads and calves
  • Day 4 – Exercises for the hamstrings and triceps
  • Day 5 – Exercises for the chest and biceps
  • Day 6 – Exercises for the biceps and inner/outer thigh
  • Day 7 – Rest

Additional Tools to Encourage Success

Adding to this weekly program, Cruise encourages dieters to utilize the additional guidance tools for support. These tools include:

  • Cruise’s daily inspirational “wake-up” talks to encourage motivation
  • An eating program and “eating card” information
  • Journal writing to reflect and track progress

Benefits of 8 Minutes a Day

  • Cruise is an experienced fitness professional
  • The program is affordable and convenient
  • The 8 Minutes a Day book can be purchased online for approximately $15, and may also be available in select bookstores
  • Dieters can lose up to two pounds per week
  • The program is designed to change dieters’ shape, energy, and muscle tone / mass
  • Cruise also promotes a plan of healthy eating with a variety of food and diet resources
  • Cruise encourages dieter reflection practices with the use of a daily journal

8 Minutes in the Morning and Food

In addition to exercise information, Cruise also provides dieters with a variety of food and dietary resources. To guide dieters, Cruise has created an “Eating Card System,” where dieters are able to view their own allotted portions from each food group. With this system, dieters can enjoy a variety of different foods while experiencing fitness results. Adding to this, the 8 Minute program focuses on teaching dieters valuable tips and habits to achieve results. Some of these habits include:

  • Eat “good” fats, such as omega fats
  • Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables
  • Incorporate low fat dairy and high quality proteins
  • Eat treats or craved foods in moderation
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