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Well known fitness expert Jorge Cruise has designed his 12 Second Sequence program to support dieters as they strive for improved health and wellness. According to Cruise, this program will help dieters experience weight loss results in just 2 weeks.

How Does the 12 Second Sequence Work?

Cruise focuses on decreasing the quantity of one’s exercise routine while increasing the quality of one’s exercise routine. By following this regimen, dieters are able to work out in a shorter time period while experiencing greater results. Adding to this, Cruise asserts that, according to research, engaging in resistance-based training only two times per week is the most effective exercise to experience dramatic results. Essentially, when an individual engages in resistance training, he or she develops leaner muscle tissue, which allows the body to burn calories even after exercises are complete; therefore, the body becomes more slim and toned in a quick and safe way.

To achieve fitness results, Cruise guides readers through his book and supplemental tools (such as fitness DVDs and instructions) in order to teach dieters the keys to his “Controlled Tension” exercises. These “Controlled Tension” exercises require that participants engage in 10 seconds of slow cadence lifting, followed by a 2 second static hold. This technique eliminates momentum, so the body is fully engaged and challenged to its peak abilities. Cruise claims that dieters only need to engage in these exercises for 20 minutes twice per week to experience results.

Background on Cruise

Cruise supports dieters in his program by providing tips, tools, and resources to boost weight loss success. Adding to this, Cruise himself once struggled with weight issues, as he reveals how a majority of his younger years were consumed with issues of food, dieting, exercise, amidst his struggle to lose weight and stay fit. Today, Cruise is the author of a health column that is syndicated in hundreds of newspapers across the country, as he also serves as AOL’s exclusive weight loss coach. Cruise has developed a variety of weight loss programs and plans, as he strives to support all dieters’ diverse needs and issues.

Benefits of the 12 Second Sequence

  • Exercises are challenging and efficient
  • Participants can reduce their allotted time for exercise
  • Individuals are only required to engage in Cruise’s exercises for 20 minutes 2 times per week
  • Jorge Cruise is an experienced fitness professional with a variety of diet and fitness books
  • Individuals can supplement their 12 Second Sequence with Cruise’s fitness DVDs, meal plans, and additional resources (these are available separately and/or in a custom package when purchased)

Cons of the 12 Second Sequence

  • Dieters may need to engage in additional exercises to benefit and experience the intended results
  • Weight loss and muscle tone results will vary for each individual

How Do I Begin the 12 Second Sequence?

  • The 12 Second Sequence book is available in book stores or online for approximately $25, although prices may vary
  • Dieters can become a “Premium Member” of Cruise’s program by visiting the 12 Second Sequence website. The cost is only $5 per week for 13 weeks. The “Premium Member” benefits include:
    • Demos of all exercises and physical workouts
    • Customized meal planning tools
    • Meal modification information
    • Daily newsletters for diet and wellness support
    • A venue to ask Jorge specific diet and/or fitness questions
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