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Created in 1995, iVillage Total Health is an online program designed to help women find support and information on a variety of issues, health topics, and wellness support.

What is iVillage Total Health?

iVillage Total Health was created by various cardiovascular, fitness, and nutritional experts. The online program begins to provide support as it guides women through an online introductory exam and assessment to evaluate each women’s fitness abilities, dietary habits, and personal goals / desires. Once each individual member’s profile and type is identified, women can take advantage of a variety of resources and tools for entertainment and support, some of which include:

  • Beauty advice
  • Pregnancy information / topics
  • Astrology information and charts
  • Food and diet information

Adding to these resources, iVillage Total Health also strives to support women’s wellness through their Peace of Mind Program. This resource teaches women how to handle and manage stresses from daily life or current obstacles. Creators of iVillage Total Health assert that a lifestyle of reduced stress helps to boost each woman’s overall feelings of health and wellness.

Benefits of iVillage Total Health

  • The site provides a variety of resources and tools
  • iVillage has been created by experts and professionals
  • Women can find customized diet and fitness plans to suite their interests and needs
  • Women can find specialized weight loss programs to achieve their goals
  • Resources focus solely on women’s issues and areas of interest
  • The site is completely free

How Do I Begin the Program?

iVillage Total Health members begin by first answering several personal questions. After this, members are provided with a specifically individualized eating and exercise plan. Members can then explores the site’s supplemental tools and resources without charge, as the iVillage Total Health program is free for all interested women.

iVillage Total Health Diet and Food Resources

Once members receive their personalized diet assessment and plan, women can find out more food and nutrition information about meal options, as each menu item has been developed and designed by nutritionists and physicians. Adding to this, the menu options are intended to provide women with a variety of meal options, some of which include:

  • Shrimp pasta
  • Angel food cake dessert
  • English muffin pizza
  • iVillage Total Health Exercise and Fitness Resources

In addition to food and menu tools, members also receive customized fitness and exercise plans designed by experts. The fitness programs balance activities between cardio, strength training, and stretching activities. These fitness programs can be customized to fit each member’s fitness levels and abilities, as each exercise comes with information and instructions.

Cons of iVillage Total Health

  • The site is solely for women, so men cannot take advantage of the site’s resources and tools
  • The site’s cost is fairly ambiguous, as the webpage asserts that the program is free, yet it appears that this free charge may only be a short-term promotion
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