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Created by fitness expert Grace Lazenby, iTrian is an exercise tool designed to provide dieters with uniquely convenient workout tips and guides. iTrain allows consumers to purchase exercise programs and then download them to an MP3 player. Consumers can choose from a variety of exercise topics, genres, and fitness levels, as the program offers hundreds of different program options.

How Does iTrain Work?

iTrain allows consumers to purchase individual or packaged MP3 workouts which provide listeners with detailed and specific exercise instructions. Workouts include genres / activities such as:

  • Elliptical
  • Cycling / spinning
  • Running
  • Ballet / balletone
  • Yoga
  • Treadmill
  • Strength training

The programs are specifically intended to provide listeners with affordably convenient personal training sessions, as each program and audio MP3 is created specifically by fitness expert(s). Adding to this, the programs are purposefully designed to decrease feelings of boredom or monotony while working out, as each MP3 strives to provide consumers with added motivation, focus, and enthusiasm.

Background of Grace Lazenby

The creator of the iTrain concept has an extensive 15 year background in fitness and exercise. Furthermore, Lazenby can also boast of her additional fitness experiences, which include:

  • Lazenby has created her own exercise video series
  • Lazenby has trained a list celebrities in her professional career
  • Lazenby’s iTrain product has appealed to various celebrities, such as Courtney Cox and the Pussycat Dolls, among many others

Pros of iTrain

  • The programs are created by professionals
  • Lazenby has an extensive background in fitness and training
  • The programs are more affordable than a personal training and/or gym membership
  • The programs are easy to use with specific instructions and guidance
  • iTrain provides consumers with a variety of different workouts
  • The plans are personalized to help each consumer achieve his/her unique fitness goals
  • In addition to fitness programs, iTrain also provides consumers with an iTrain Diet program, where consumers can find out how to lose 5-10 pounds in just two weeks
  • The iTrain Diet program also provides information on a 6-week diet program, where consumers can discover added tips and habits to achieve weight loss success
  • The workouts are accompanied with music
  • Instructions for each program are also available on a video file or PDF file, so consumers are provided with additional support and resources

Cons of iTrain

  • Unlike sessions with a personal trainer, individuals are required to stay motivated by their own efforts
  • Individuals must have access to a computer to obtain the programs
  • Individuals must possess an IPOD or an MP3 player to listen to the programs, which can drive up the cost of this iTrain workout option

How Do I Purchase iTrain?

iTrain programs can be purchased online, and are available in a variety of packages:

  • 12-month unlimited package is $79.99
  • 1-month unlimited package is $9.99
  • Individual workouts costs vary, ranging from $.99 to $11.99
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