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Hip Hop Abs is a fitness DVD and program designed to help individuals achieve a more sculpted and fit core. The fitness instructor and DVD guide, Shaun T, is an experienced choreographer with a background in dance; he strives to incorporate fun and up-beat routines into his fitness program so that individuals can work out while having fun at the same time.

How Does Hip Hop Abs Work?

With over 2 million copies sold, Hip Hop Abs has been created to provide individuals with unique and engaging activities that boost fitness results. To engage individuals in a variety of exercises, Shaun T has created 4 different sections in his DVD program:

  • Secrets to Flat Abs – 13 minutes
    Here, Shaun T provides individuals with specific information on training techniques to condition and strengthen core areas like the upper and lower abs and oblique muscles. In addition, he informs dieters with information about how these exercises help to burn fat while sculpting the body at the same time.
  • Fat Burning Cardio – 30 minutes
    In this section, Shaun T guides individuals through calorie and fat-burning dance moves. These dances are set to a fast beat with popular music—some of the songs are even heard on the radio.
  • Ab Sculpt – 25 minutes
    This section focuses on Shaun T’s signature ab moves, which cater to helping individuals obtain the ab results that they desire. Best of all, this section does not include any of the traditional ab exercises, such as sit-ups or crunches.
  • Total Body Burn – 45 minutes
    This final section teaches dieters how to incorporate body sculpting exercises with cardio techniques. The “Total Body Burn” is intended to help individuals have fun while developing a stronger and leaner physique.

Pros of Hip Hop Abs

  • Can be used in the convenience of one’s own home
  • The program is affordable and can be bought online
  • The program also provides individuals with online support, as their website includes added tools and information to guide members towards achieving their fitness goals
  • The videos incorporate popular and up-beat music
  • The program is designed to be engaging so individuals do not feel the common monotony that’s associated with exercise
  • The program focuses solely on the abdominal region, as individuals can lose fat while also toning their muscle groups
  • Shaun T offers consumers a 30 day money back guarantee
  • The program also encourages the implementation of a healthy diet
  • Shaun T does not incorporate traditional ab exercises, and introduces individuals to new and engaging techniques

Cons of Hip Hop Abs

  • Individuals who do not enjoy dancing may not prefer this program
  • Individuals who do not enjoy up-beat and/or fast-paced music may not enjoy this program
  • Some individuals may prefer a personal fitness / group instructor, as opposed to a video / DVD series
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