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The Gotti Diet is based on a recent television show, “Growing Up Gotti.” The show follows the lives of the legendary John Gotti’s family, who are revealed to make excessive and highly-indulgent choices. In fact, Gotti’s 13 year old grandson, Frank, was revealed to struggle with his highly-indulgent choices, as his weight was approximately 225 pounds. To combat issues of weight and to improve his health, Frank found a weight loss program that helped him achieve success. The program that worked for young Frank is now known as the Gotti Diet. This diet is available in the format of a book, and provides readers with tips, information, and tools for support.

How Does the Gotti Diet Work?

The Gotti Diet is designed specifically for young people, and aims to help younger dieters manage their weight and health. The Gotti Diet book is written with the insight needed for younger readers, but also provides information for parents as well. The diet focuses on teaching both parents and children how to make healthier more nutritious options, while also helping both parents and children to come to terms with any emotional and mental issues with obesity and weight.

The Gotti Diet and Exercise

The Gotti Diet encourages readers to implement a regular fitness regimen of cardio and weight lifting activities. According to book, these physical activities help dieters as the body is able to boost its metabolism while destroying stored fat. Based on Frank Gotti’s personal experience with the diet, he was able to lose weight by switching from his normal habits of sitting on the couch and watching television, which is a popular, and unhealthy, choice for many overweight teens.

The Gotti Diet and Food

The Gotti Diet bases its eating principals on the core concepts of Weight Watchers, which is a nationally popular diet program. Both Weight Watchers and The Gotti Diet teach dieters how to appropriately monitor a food’s serving size, while also teaching dieters how to balance exercise with eating, so that dieters are able to occasionally indulge while still successfully losing weight. Adding to this, the book teaches readers how to incorporate certain foods in moderation, for example:

  • Moderately eat red meat
  • Never consume alcohol (as dieters are underage)
  • Moderately eat milk and dairy
  • Always eat fruits and vegetables
  • Moderately eat carbohydrates, like breads and pastas

Benefits of the Gotti Diet

  • The program is specifically designed for younger dieters, especially teens
  • The diet promotes healthy choices and habits
  • The diet is based on reliable programs, such as Weight Watchers
  • The diet proved to be successful for young Frank Gotti
  • The book can help both parents and kids to better communicate on issues of health and weight
  • Younger teens struggling with weight may feel a boost in motivation and support as the book is both written and developed for younger dieters
  • Teens struggling with weight may be able to more positively adopt a program that has worked for a fellow-teenager
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