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Created by Dr. Andy and Ivy Larson, the Gold Coast Cure is a weight loss and health program designed to help individuals manage their overall physical wellness. This program focuses on increasing habits of proper eating and exercise, while helping dieters decrease their likelihood of obesity and disease.

How Does the Gold Coast Cure Work?

The Larsons focus on increasing positive habits so that, according to the authors, dieters can improve their health in just 5 weeks. Information on the Gold Coast Cure is available both online and in the form of a book. In both resources, the Larsons advocate for a program that includes:

  • Nutritious and all natural foods
  • Daily supplements for added vitamins and minerals
  • A regimen of exercise and activity

By following their program, the authors assert that dieters will experience a decreased risk to developing a variety of diseases such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Obesity

The Gold Coast Cure Authors

Dr. Larson and his wife, Ivy, are experts in the field of nutrition and health. As a physician, Dr. Larson provides dieters with a variety of information and experience for support. Adding to his expertise, Ivy Larson has a background in fitness instruction. Their experiences and knowledge of health and fitness have helped them to develop the Gold Coast Cure online program, in addition to helping them write their health book, Fitter Firmer Faster.

Gold Coast Cure Food and Diet

Dieters following the Larson’s plan are encouraged to abandon negative eating habits, while adopting healthier choices and more nutritious options. The Larsons teach dieters the difference between “good” and “bad” foods, for example:

  • White breads and French fries are processed, and are considered to be “bad” carbs
  • Whole grain breads with fiber are more nutrient rich, and are “good” carbs

Adding to this, the Larsons advocate that dieters should abandon most processed foods while replacing these foods that are whole-grain, all natural, and un-processed.

The Gold Coast Cure and Exercise

Dieters should engage in at least 3 exercise sessions each week. These sessions should be at least a half hour long. The Larsons teach dieters about concepts of circuit training, as circuit training is considered to be one of the most efficient exercise options for individuals seeking improved physical wellness, strength, and endurance. Also, the more exercise and activities a dieter includes in his/her program, the more quickly a dieter will experience positive fitness and weight loss results.

How Much Does the Gold Coast Cure Cost?

  • The online resource costs approximately $59.95, which includes a personal online consultation
  • The Gold Coast Cure diet book costs approximately $20, although prices may vary
  • The Larson’s other diet book, Fitter Firmer Faster, costs approximately $15, although prices may also vary
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