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Global Health and Fitness is a weight loss program designed to provide dieters with online systems and tools for support.

How Does Global Health and Fitness Work?

Global Health and Fitness supports dieters by providing specific steps and resources. According to the company, Global Health and Fitness has perfected their practices with over 11 years of experience, and encourage dieters with tools such as:

  • A customized plan developed for each dieter

Global Health and Fitness provides dieters with meal plans and ideas that are easy to follow and specialized for each individual’s tastes and preferences. The meals have been created by specialized dietitians and nutritional experts.

  • A personalized fitness plan

In addition to a customized meal plan, dieters will also receive exercise and fitness information that will specifically cater to each dieter’s needs. The exercises are adjusted to fit with each dieter’s fitness level, schedule, and available access to equipment.

  • An online personal trainer

Whether dieters have questions, concerns, or need a little encouragement, each member has access to their own personal trainer, who is available for contact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Dieters can find out information for personal training goals, such as marathon training, and can even find out tips and advice when confronted with injury or setbacks. Once contacted, trainers will be in touch with members with 24 hours, as members have unlimited access to a trainer’s support.

Global Health and Fitness has over 38 experts in various fields. All of the experts are certified, as some have even earned their Master’s degrees or PhDs. The experts specialize in a variety of areas, some of which include:

    • Sports nutrition
    • Metabolic efficiency
    • Maternity fitness
    • Stress reduction
    • Success coaching

Additional Features and Bonuses

In addition to their standard tools and resources, Global Health and Fitness has also implemented additional bonus features, including:

  • Complimentary software to monitor progress and results
  • Free access to over 170 exercise videos that demonstrate proper technique, form, and reps
  • Free access to online exercise classes
  • Free library of fitness books and podcasts
  • Dieters can download video and audio seminars

Global Health and Fitness Challenge

To help encourage and motivate dieters, members can enroll in the 12 week Fitness Challenge. Enrollment is free, and winners can receive a variety of prizes, including a 7-night destination vacation. Global Health and Fitness encourages dieters to participate in their challenges, as it can help boost dieters’ weight loss results, while also encouraging dieters to stay motivated and on track.

How Much Does Global Health and Fitness Cost?

Individuals can join Global Health and Fitness for approximately $59.95. This cost covers a 12-week membership plan, and includes all of the resources, tools, and information of the program’s online website system.

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