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Fitness Magazine is a popular resource for readers interested in losing weight and/or gaining new and healthy habits. Fitness Magazine provides readers with a variety of information and articles to help keep individuals informed on the latest weight loss and healthy living strategies, techniques, and tips.

What Can I Find in Fitness Magazine?

Fitness Magazine is catered for women, and focuses on core areas for support, such as:

  • Workouts
  • Weight loss
  • Food
  • Health
  • Beauty

In addition to this, Fitness Magazine is also available online, at Here, dieters can find additional resources, such as:

  • Community interaction tools
  • Support tools
  • Communication opportunities

How Much Does Fitness Magazine Cost?

  • While prices and promotions may vary, the magazine costs approximately $5.99 per year
  • The online resource is free, although members must sign up to view articles and receive information and benefits

Fitness Magazine Foods

Fitness Magazine focuses on new foods and recipes each month. An example of one of the healthy recipes is “Dark Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers.” This recipe includes easy following instructions in addition to specific nutritional information, although only Fitness Magazine members can access the nutritional content:

  • Recipe includes 4 graham crackers and 2 TBS of semisweet chocolate chips
  • Chocolate is simply melted for 30 seconds, and is then spread on graham crackers
  • After allowing the chocolate to rest for 10 minutes, the graham crackers are ready to eat

Adding to this recipe, Fitness Magazine provides additional tools for food support, including:

  • Grocery shopping guide
  • On the go eating tips
  • Barbeque / seasonal cooking information
  • Holiday cooking recipes and tips

Weight Loss

While articles and tools for support may vary, one of the examples of Fitness Magazine’s weight loss support tools focuses on helping dieters drop one size in 30 days. To support dieters, Fitness Magazine’s online resource allows dieters to choose from a variety of programs and plans that can fit each dieter’s unique lifestyle. Once dieters have chosen their plan, Fitness Magazine offers support such as:

  • Daily workout plans
  • Easy to follow meal plans
  • A daily food dairy instructions / support
  • Informing dieters of the benefits of a workout buddy
  • Helps dieters stay motivated with weekly music playlists
  • Allows dieters to track their progress online


Fitness Magazine also informs readers on some of the latest health news and reports. For example, the magazine has offered articles such as “50 Reasons You’re Healthier this Year,” which focuses on 50 different people, products, and breakthroughs that can boost one’s health and wellbeing. Adding to this, readers can take advantage of some additional health-centered articles, such as:

  • The Best Breakthroughs for Your Health
  • The Healthy Girl’s Toolkit
  • The Best Breakthroughs for Your Workout
  • The Year’s Best Breakthroughs in Food
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